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    Re: Lost timing help! • Posted in GL1000 Information & Questions by Samclyde
    Still no luck everything is lined up t 1 and bkthe can gears. Alls I get is the occasional backfire.I know it runs because I drove it in the garage. So it has to be something to do with the timing being off is the ibky thing I can think.

    Re: '80 Interstate Buy (Newbie) • Posted in GL1100 Information & Questions by mytown
    Some of the aftermarket air filters (Emgo for one) are a little tall, and won't allow the cover to screw down all the way.

    Re: Warm weather • Posted in Goldwing Chat by DJnRF
    Stu, I learned many years ago to always keep a rain suit in my saddlebags. In the winter when it is cold I may wear it even when it is sunny and clear since the rain suit will block all wind, which is much of the cold when riding.

    Re: Pilots? Aircraft owners? Speak up! • Posted in Goldwing Chat by redbug
    We called them "stoofs". I trained on the "E" model. I was a ADR/Plane Captain. Those were tough planes for sure...

    Re: 81 head on 83 gl1100 engine • Posted in GL1100 Information & Questions by wishbone63
    Thanks ekvh, I am going to look at the two heads right now. Think I will try one head now and if it causes no problems maybe I will do the other side to match. I will just have to try it and see. Thanks for the info.

    Re: April 23, first ride of the year. Pathetic. • Posted in Goldwing Chat by WingAdmin
    I had a tire pressure sensor that was whacking on the front brake caliper, I got that fixed tonight. Messed with the reverse, I actually got it to engage and operate once. Checked the cables and switches, they all check out OK.

    Starter Issues • Posted in GL1100 Information & Questions by jhbates2000
    Ok here is what I have folks. I was/am having issues with my starter. I thought that it just needed to be rebuilt because it was dragging pretty bad, in fact when I got it out of storage the starter was stuck.

    Corbin saddles for 1979 Honda Gold Wing 1000 • Posted in GL1000 Information & Questions by asf93555
    I bought a ’79 GL1000 that was disassembled. It came with a Gun Fighter seat which made the sale. As I’m completing the reassembly, I discovered the seat would not mount because the lower front was interfering with the false tank sides.

    Re: Stereo / CB / Intercom question • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by Uncle Fester
    Thats what I thought, but was not sure. . . Thank you ! I guess it is on to my next idea. . . Lol

    Re: Stereo / CB / Intercom question • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by robb
    Stock CB is interlocked with the radio.

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