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    Yes, we have manuals online - but we're far more than that! Check out our Online Message Board - please post a message and say hello! If you've got a question or problem you need help with, there's a lot of friendly people there with lots of experience and expertise willing to help! If you've got a problem with your Goldwing, chances are someone there has experienced the same problem, and knows how to fix it. If not, the technical gurus will jump in with helpful suggestions.

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    Re: LED Lights • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by redial
    Have a look at WingAdmin's video for the things that he has put on his GW. You might get some ideas so that you can spread your expenditure out a bit.

    Re: High milage gl 1500 • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by redial
    They much prefer the ice cream parlours an hour away, rather than the one just down the corner! They seem to know that the good runs are the longer ones.

    Re: Kickstand switch • Posted in GL1200 Information & Questions by SilverDave
    Exciting , isn't it , when a 1200 Kickstand catches something ??? ( not really ) ... I have almost dumped it 4 times.

    Beauty and the beast . • Posted in Goldwing Chat by made2care
    Took sleeping beauty out for my first ride .Front brakes appear to not be making scratching noise anymore. She is backfiring when I release the throttle. After I parked her , fuel started leaking from oem fuel pump.

    Re: Average age ? • Posted in Goldwing Chat by docvan
    Average Age - its a relative thing.... Almost 61, been riding since 1970 - first GW was a 75 in 2001. Always thought I needed a Harley till one day a good friend said he had the perfect bike for me. He has Long legs & it just didn't fit him.

    1995 GL1500SE • Posted in For Sale/Wanted by fwsundance
    I have a 95 GL1500SE. 2 tone green, great condition, low mileage. LED lights, ring of fire, chrome, etc. $6500.00

    LED Lights • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by samellring
    Okay, I have been looking at LED lights for my 1995 GL1500SE for a multiple of reasons: 1) To be seen better at night.

    Re: Anyone have plans/blueprints for a camper trailer?? • Posted in Tech Talk by Wilcoy02
    I thought I had a plan but after the first cut with the saw I decided it would not work. It only gave me 10" of storage. My lantern is 14 inches and would not fit.

    Re: But is it a Motorcycle??? • Posted in Goldwing Chat by GRAPEAPE94
    Back in the day the three wheel Morgan was classified as a motorcycle in England. It had a V-twin mounted up front between the front wheels.

    Re: Anyone have plans/blueprints for a camper trailer?? • Posted in Tech Talk by ducktruck
    Have you found you some plans yet that would work? If so can you share them? Duck

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