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    Yes, we have manuals online - but we're far more than that! Check out our Online Message Board - please post a message and say hello! If you've got a question or problem you need help with, there's a lot of friendly people there with lots of experience and expertise willing to help! If you've got a problem with your Goldwing, chances are someone there has experienced the same problem, and knows how to fix it. If not, the technical gurus will jump in with helpful suggestions.

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    Re: gl1200 engine oil leak • Posted in GL1200 Information & Questions by robertf1365
    Thats what I figured it was. Thanks for the info

    Anyone know the stock CAM specs for a 92 GL1500? • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by Davek80514
    I found a place that makes performance cams for a GL1500. I'm just wondering how much difference there is from stock and what kind of HP & Torque gains there might be. GL1500_Performance_Cam.png

    Re: Don Tilley killed in motorcycle crash. Wife critical... • Posted in Goldwing Chat by tandem54
    Sorry to hear this, I hope his wife has a quick recovery.

    Re: Should I rip up sales docs. • Posted in Goldwing Chat by tandem54
    I agree with Hawkeye, and I would ride the hell out of it while it was in warranty to make sure it was fixed!

    Re: Kajunmisfitt in crash • Posted in Goldwing Chat by tandem54
    Sorry to hear this, hoping you have a quick recovery!!

    Re: Hot Weather Apparel • Posted in Goldwing Chat by tandem54
    I'm interested in this too, Here in Arizona it gets VERY hot and I don't really want to have to put on a cooling vest when I just want to run down to the store or short trip.

    Re: Hot Weather Apparel • Posted in Goldwing Chat by WingAdmin
    I spent a year and a half of my life in Macon, so I know very well the kind of heat you experience in the summer! My universal summer gear is a set of Olympia Airglide 3 mesh jacket and pants. I also have a set of armored mesh gloves.

    Re: 1988 GL1500 Riders Backrest • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by Mh434
    I absolutely LOVE re-tasking stuff like that!! When it comes to mechanical parts, metal pieces, plastic, etc., I tend to horde a little. My wife laughs at me, until something needs fixing & I have just the thing in my pile of cast-off bits.

    Re: My friend DFWM and his feet problem • Posted in Goldwing Chat by WingAdmin
    I have long legs, and I know on long rides, my knees would get sore on my GL1100, because my feet were fairly far back behind my knees. On my GL1500, there is no such problem - my knees never get sore.

    Re: Melting Positive battery terminals • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by Mh434
    Uncle Fester has a good point! I, too, have seen + cables that looked fine on the end, but were seriously corroded away inside the sheath. That reduces the amount of copper for carrying the current, & increases heat dramatically...

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