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    Yes, we have manuals online - but we're far more than that! Check out our Online Message Board - please post a message and say hello! If you've got a question or problem you need help with, there's a lot of friendly people there with lots of experience and expertise willing to help! If you've got a problem with your Goldwing, chances are someone there has experienced the same problem, and knows how to fix it. If not, the technical gurus will jump in with helpful suggestions.

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    Re: 2001 GL1800 w/abs • Posted in Tech Talk by Fatwing Chris
    OK then there has to be a warning indicator.There has to be a way of letting you know that there is a problem with the system and it isn't working(before you need it).It's a liability thing.

    Re: lost my electic's • Posted in Tech Talk by robb
    How worn is the ignition switch, does the key move around easily. Do fuses look good or did you use a meter to check, don't always go out in the middle. Try removing and reinserting all the relays.

    No side cover options. • Posted in GL1000 Information & Questions by Lastwachter
    I have heard of people foregoing the side covers and I have seen some nice pics of bikes with painted exposed tanks and I think they look great. However they never show the battery side.

    Re: socket head cap screws and such • Posted in Tech Talk by OnPapasWing
    Hey Ghostman, that wingstuff site is perfect for finding whatever one needs for their wing. Thanks for sharing the site. I'll be spending much time... and money there. LOL

    Re: new member with cruise control issues • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by rbyess
    my 85 ltd would not engage cruise and i found the pivot pin in the clutch lever was worn out , not allowing the switch to be made . this can be checked with a dmm . also has a switch on the brake lever .

    Re: GL1800 Front Brake Pads • Posted in GL1800 Information & Questions by OnPapasWing
    Sounds like the consensus is similar among many. I guess you better get tearing into those brakes Cmwagner. And do keep us posted on your find.

    Re: GL1500 shift shaft stabilizer mod. No drilling. • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by peppilepew
    stabilzátor som namontoval a už aj vyskúšal, jazdí sa s nim veľmi dobre, ďakujem skvelá práca Glad you like it. Thanks for the purchase. Cliff,

    Re: WTB Clock Adjustment Lever--1998 GL1500SE • Posted in For Sale/Wanted by Doug B.
    virgilmobile set me up with knobs that work great! Thanks to everybody.

    Re: My 1988 Goldwing GL 1500 wont start • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by Ian01
    Just a very quick response, interesting post Winger3, I too have previously experienced similar symptoms to yours, I cannot say that it is relative to my latest experience.

    Re: found a nice 87 gl1200 with low compression • Posted in GL1100 Information & Questions by moffat
    These engines can give misleading symptoms! I have had good compression of 170 psi on all cylinders and new valves/seals/guides and the thing still smoked!!! If the oil control rings are out of tolerance the bike will smoke whilst the comp

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