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    Re: Splitting crankcase • Posted in GL1100 Information & Questions by moritz1100
    Well I tried the engine flush down the breather but it did absolutely nothing, the gauze I imagined probably doesn't exist. The leak is really pissing me off, it leaks more oil than my old pre-unit Triumph used to.

    zips, alts, and shats • Posted in Trip Info, Reports & Gatherings by futhashi
    The alternator took a few more hours than the 24 they had told me when I brought it in to “Tucson Alternator”. They phoned later in the day to say it was ready and cost $120.00.

    Re: Did you name your bike? • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by TAZZ
    I name my the HULK cause she GREEN and has the years and mile Add up she get STONG just like the HULK and my 81 Honda CBX is the BEAST cause it has 6 cylinder

    Re: Avon tires • Posted in GL1100 Information & Questions by marve319
    It looks like Dunlop 404 are matching tires. Any experience with them?? Or does anyone know about Dunlop? You know the book states Dunlop or Bridgestone, but then again the book is 30 years old. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Re: Did you name your bike? • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by Fatwing Chris
    I didn't,but my buddy did the first time he saw my fully dressed 75 GL1000.He called it the Fatwing.They've all been Fatwings ever since.All 6 of them.

    Re: 450 ias shock question, gl1500 • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by SmartBiker
    went with the #2 setting with 25#. dropped the fork oil level (15wt) about a 1/2 inch. and tighgtened the steering bearings just a bit. bike rides much better now thanks guys for all your input

    Re: Did you name your bike? • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by redial
    Mine is named "BnB". The reason for this was because I purchased it from Ronn Moss, (former) star of Bold and Beautiful. Now spouse wants to know who is the Bold, and who is the Beautiful? I will let you guess

    Re: sidecar on Goldwing • Posted in Goldwing Chat by Currie1965
    Also wondering does anybody have photos of a Goldwing with leading link on a sidecar ?

    Re: Vacuum hoses • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by redial
    So my question is which hoses are the most prone to leaks ? The ones with bends. Especially the one tucked under the rubber mat for the carbs.

    Re: 1995 gl 1500 with 20k electrical problem out of the blu • Posted in GL1500 Information & Questions by deikev
    Had a fairly similar thing happen on my 2000 GL1500 recently, but with some added twists. 30 mins in to ride she stalled at stop sign and wouldn't start right away. Voltage meter was reading +12V at this point.

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