Trikers -- EZ Steer Question

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Trikers -- EZ Steer Question

Post by kerrsys » Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:27 pm

Been triking for several years, on my 2nd trike. Just installed EZ steer for the first time and find it takes some getting used to. Feel like trike really dips to the outside even, now, on seeming straight-aways. Find myself leaning toward the center line to feel balanced. When on level ground (i.e., garage floor) the trike looks fine. So, I don't think its a suspension problem. Anyway, I'm I crazy or is it that I just need to get used to EZ steer?

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Re: Trikers -- EZ Steer Question

Post by WA9FWT » Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:33 pm

As soon as I went to a trike kit (Extra wheels ) I noticeded it pulled too the right, which I thought it was extreme.
I made several adjustments according to the manufacture and it did help.I then drove in the middle of the road
and noticed it stayed completely strait ( No pull either way)....Then I went on the left lane ( comming traffic )
and I noticed it pulled to the left. At times it gets worse according to the road curve,and next time hardely any pull at all. I just make sure now that I don't take my hands off the steering for long.

I also notice going over railroad tracks that I keep my hands on the steering or it will give you the shakes
at times....It does take some getting use to compared to only two wheels. It sure has worked out for me, adding that kit....I like it..

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