low idle at start up

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low idle at start up

Post by thirdstorybase » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:32 am

hi,, my bike (gl1200) normally idles around 900 rpm. over the last few weeks when i start the bike cold it wants to idle down around 500 rpm. once it gets warmed up it returns to the normal idle speed. any ideas why this would be happening

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Re: low idle at start up

Post by D2D » Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:13 am

Is this with the choke fully engaged ? Sounds like 1 or more cylinders aren't getting enough gas at start up. It could be that your floats are not at the same level when you are starting up your bike, especially if it's sitting on the side stand. For starting a cold bike, I usually sit on my seat to level the bike, open up the petcock, give it a couple of cranks with the kill switch on to get the fuel pump to fill the float bowls. Then I give it full choke, flip my switch to ON and she fires right up on all four cylinders. After a few seconds I push the choke in and put her on the side stand and let her idle for a few minutes to warm up and get the oil circulating. My idle is set at 1000 RPMs. While it's doing this, I check my tires, lights, directionals, horn and brakes before I hit the road, every time I ride.

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