MC accident, after thoughts.

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MC accident, after thoughts.

Post by yechave » Tue May 01, 2012 7:32 pm

Four of us went for a yearly ride along the Delaware river on Sunday afternoon just south of Easton, Pa coming from Rt 212.

The two riders in front collided at a very iffy constuction site. I was able to capture that on the new Sony Bloggie.

What I have been able to get from all that after watching it about 4 doz times is this:

The roadway is covered in skid marks. It is an inherently dangerous spot under good conditions. Traffic is backed up at a traffic light used to allow vehicles to travel in one direction at a time. There is a temporary one lane bridge that has been there since the river flooded a few years ago..... there is a very hard 90 degree turn just off the bridge. There is very little room when something happens there. Not one person stopped to help, but, it almost looked like nothing happened.

My brother with an 800 Suzuki was in the right side of the lane, my friend in the left with a new to him HD Ultra Classic.

The crash bar on the Suzuki glanced off the right saddle bag on the HD. That saved his leg from getting crunched. The bar was bent back to the engine, and the shifter was bent back pretty far. I had to cut the crash bar to get it off. It did its job and saved a leg.

The chrome cage on the HD was bent, the bag and side cover broken. Damage to the HD was about $1500, the Suzuki was about $400. The Suzuki was then kept upright, veered to the right, past the stopped car in front of them and along the guard rail with his leg trapped between the bike and rail. I was able to dismount pretty quickly and help get the bike on the road.

The Suzuki rider opted for his leather jacket instead of the $600 Olympia AST touring jacket with armor. Everyone else wore theirs.

After everyone was somewhat composed, we road about half an hour and got something to eat and patch up the bikes for the trip home. First time I have ever carried my Leatherman Vicegrip, and it came in handy that day.

I noticed no one else had brought the medical kits, quickclot or other gear.

My brother is diabetic. When working on the bike, I barely noticed his diabetic ID info, as he had so many patches, it was not all that noticeable.

I wear a medical ID almost all the time. I have never been able to convince anyone else to do so. Great dog tags are available at BoomerangID for about $12. You get something like 10 lines of info. Highly recommend that. Opt for the chain.

Thankfully, we did not need any emergency medical help. Both bikes were rideable. We had plenty of day light, and I doubt anyone else had a flashlight with them. Some paracord helped hold the HD bag in place for the ride back.

Photos are in my member pics, if the Admin would like to transfer them to this thread. I still am clueless.

The Sony Bloggie worked fabulously, as did the Flexscope mount. The only issue was my tether, which was velcroed to the dash. In the heat of the sun, that came off and I had to stop to put some bunjie in the vent hole in the windshield for the remainder of the ride.

The sun was a big factor on the way back. The HD rider refused to lead after the accident. I found it helpful to have some electrical tape on the bottom of the visor of the Nolan Modular helmet to block the sun.

It was extremely fortunate no one was seriously injured. The Suzuki easily could have rear-ended that car in front of them, had he not glanced off the HD first.

While not a HD guy, the service at Schaffer's HD (Rt 61 in Pa) is second to none in my experience.

The ABS on the GW came in handy this time. I believe the fact the Suzuki did not, was quite possibly a contributing factor as well.

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Re: MC accident, after thoughts.

Post by HALBUDD » Tue May 01, 2012 8:02 pm

Glad to hear that everybody was ok,bikes are lot easier to fix then riders. I think I would look for a better road to drive on next time. Be safe . Hal
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Re: MC accident, after thoughts.

Post by actionpack » Tue May 01, 2012 8:17 pm

that could of been alot worst for sure , glad your brother and freind are ok ,

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Re: MC accident, after thoughts.

Post by yechave » Tue May 01, 2012 8:26 pm

Roads are bad nearly everywhere it seems. We carefully planned the ride trying to stay clear of the worst of the traffic and allow for best road conditions, as best we could. Who would have expected a temp bridge to still be in use three years after it was installed.

I had a very close call last fall on the Wing myself. We were on a road I have never been on before. I was in the lead and came around a corner to find the entire, very winding, road surface was coated in a layer of fresh stone. The Wing fishtailed, all but went over. I had no place to turn around and this went on for quite some distance. You just do not expect any municipality to allow any road to be left in that type of condition. Had that happened at dusk or at night, there is no way I would not have gone down.

I had an accident in 1979, just two blocks from my home. Rain had washed out a sewer trench just over the crest of a hill. It was about a foot deep. There was no time to react, no signs, just large stone all over the road. Went over the bars, landing on the stones.

You just never know.

Very glad things went as well as they did this time around.

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Re: MC accident, after thoughts.

Post by WingAdmin » Tue May 01, 2012 9:55 pm

It sounds like, for better or worse, things came out as well as you could have hoped. Some lessons learned, and everyone went home.

Here are the pictures you mentioned:

One turn prior to impact

Notice all the skid marks prior to temp, 1 lane bridge

HD Ultra Classic impacted on right side

800 Suzuki slides along guard rail

Suzuki crash bar and shifter bent

GW cam cord location in center of shield

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Re: MC accident, after thoughts.

Post by seabee_ » Tue May 01, 2012 11:57 pm

Glad to hear everyone was ok. A multi tool is the best thing to have along with a good LED flashlight. Both take very little room to store on the bike. I keep both in my locked fairing glove box. As far as carrying important medical info, for those who have Android type phones there is FREE app called ICE. You can put one of two different Red Cross icon shortcuts on your phones homepage that allow medical personnel to access important info such as medical conditions, emergency phone contacts, and/or what ever info you allow allow them to see. The app is supposed to work even while the phone is locked. I put the shortcuts on every page on my phone. It makes it easy for them to find your emergency contacts without having to figure out how to get into your contacts list. ... cy5pY2UiXQ..
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Re: MC accident, after thoughts.

Post by bobbybbare » Thu May 03, 2012 7:28 am

Avoid construction zones whenever possible. Plan your routes so that you have no construction zones or take whatever detours are necessary to avoid road construction while riding your motorcycle. There are always a multitude of factors that make construction zones "extreme danger zones" for motorcyclists.

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