Export to Europe ?

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Export to Europe ?

Post by zamboni920 » Tue May 29, 2012 8:58 pm

Does anyone have experience with exporting motorcycle to Europe? Vacation or living? Particularly looking for freight price ideas. I know airfreight has soared (no pun intended) in the last several years.....leaning more towards RO-RO or container shipping. My intention is to drive it as a tourist for 3-6 months, and then import it in my home country permanently. Really not sure if it is worth it at all....... or sell here and buy again there.

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Re: Export to Europe ?

Post by mattsar » Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:07 pm

I shipped a 1990 GL1500 from Toronto, Canada to Frankfurt, Germany in 2001 via Air Transat -- in a container -- for about $1,000. Drove it for a month each year all over Europe for seven years, and sold it in 2008 with help from an English friend. Sold it for what I had paid for the used bike in 1993. In 2012 I shipped a 2001 GL1800 as before. Cost about $1,700 to fly it. It's in Germany now overwintering at a Honda service place for 200 Euros (oil & filter, and other service up to 100 euros included in the price.)

I can't see you buying a bike in Europe at an inflated cost when you can ship your own. Of course you will have to pay substantial import tax once you formally register it in Europe. I keep mine registered in New York and buy overseas insurance by the month. Who knows, maybe you'd like to buy my perfect yellow GL1800! It is already shipped. Not for sale for a couple of years though.

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