Wearing a Helmet (continued)

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Wearing a Helmet (continued)

Post by tom84std » Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:25 am

Helmets are hot. Helmets cause my head to itch terribly. The inside gets soaked with sweat. I hate wearing helmets!

In June of 1978 I was wearing a borrowed helmet. The only reason I was wearing one was because I was in the USAF and they required it. I was riding my hotrod '64 Triumph eastbound on 4th street just outside Lubbock Tx. 4th street is a four lane 55 mph hwy separated by a double yellow line. Without knowing it, the driver of an old American made GM sedan turned left, going the opposite way in front of me. My Triumph plowed into the center of the car's grill and hood. It depressed the entire front end of the car in the center about three full feet. The triumph was buried into the engine compartment and I flew like Superman for 20 feet only to land on my head on the asphalt. Besides major head trauma, I had a gash extending from my ankle, up my entire leg to the private area in my groin. I was out like a light for two weeks. It was a bit of a living nightmare for the next several years but I eventually got over most of it. MY daughter was six months old at the time of the crash. Now she's 34 and the mother of my grandson. I've ridden thousands of miles without one even after the '78 crash. Just last April the whole scene repeated itself, but for whatever reason I was again wearing a helmet. Again I had major head trauma and went through hell to get over it. My daughter was my guardian angel. She was at the hospital and in recovery with me every step of the way. Her son is fascinated with my motorcycles. He stands and stares at them and when I start them he loves to goose the throttle and giggle. That's twice now I avoided death simply because I was wearing a helmet. I bought a replacement for myself three weeks ago although I haven't been up to actually riding yet. Next week I'm buying my Grandson his first one and taking him for a ride on the Wing, my big bike. I'll never ride without one again.

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Re: Wearing a Helmet (continued)

Post by bustedwing » Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:42 pm

WOW, you are one lucky man. I am glad you are mending from your second flight.I did the same thing ten years ago and thanfully had a helmet on and always wear one.I think you had a change of mind thankfully before your third accident, which I hope doesn't happen.Ride safe.
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Re: Wearing a Helmet (continued)

Post by tfdeputydawg » Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:15 pm

tom84std wrote:Helmets are hot.
It has been proven, starting w/wearing a white helmet as #1, your head is cooler wearing one than without!
Helmets cause my head to itch terribly.
Get a HelmetSlik to wear under the helmet
The inside gets soaked with sweat.
Repeat, get a HelmetSlik to wear under the helmet. Throw it in the washing machine once in a while!

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