Celebrity apprentice

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Celebrity apprentice

Post by tom84std » Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:13 pm

Experts claim to know the meanings of people's dreams. I simply don't know, but I had a lulu early this morning.
I was at an event. I believe it was a rock concert. I somehow ended up in the basement of the concert hall working on my bike's exhaust system. It was really messed up with crimped exhaust header tubes, at the ends where they connect to the mufflers. I was sneaking around trying not to be noticed, looking inside this maintenance workshop for a hammer and a 1" rod to straighten the crimp in my header pipe so I would have a ride home after the concert. In walks Frank Zappa! "Whatcha Doin?" He asks. I explained my problem to him and he knelt down and started to help. Well, we were hammering and straightening and for a music guy, Frank was pretty good with a hammer. We worked for quite a while at it and nearly finished, then my hungry cat woke me up. I spent the rest of the morning wondering where that came from. I've never even been to a concert, and besides, Frank died of cancer in the early '90's. I've worked on lots of machinery including motorcycles in my sleep before, but I've never been helped out by Frank Zappa!!

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Re: Celebrity apprentice

Post by Mag » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:13 am

Uhhhhh, warm milk before you go to bed may cure that dream sequence?? An interesting thing though, wonder what the hidden "meaning" is?

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