Goldwing 2002 honda helmet headset problems

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Goldwing 2002 honda helmet headset problems

Post by davidfmac » Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:42 pm

One of my honda helmet headsets has problems. The mic quit working and I found, after ordering new lower coil cords that it was the mic wire to the small 5 din connector on the helmet had come loose. Couldn't solder back in to such a small area so tried to take it apart. Did so but pretty much destroyed the connector. Cut it off and stripped the wires on both the headset and also an older coil chord. The headset has 6 wires, and the coil chord has a few more, color coded.
I need some help figuring which ones to solder to which. Thought I'd just hardwire the coil cord onto the helmet rather than spending another 200 for a new headset.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Going on a ride this Saturday with the wife and would like to communicate with her.

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