Gonna win that contest one of these days...

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Gonna win that contest one of these days...

Post by 1grouch2u » Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:15 pm

I just moved and now I have a covered back porch. Hard to get the bike in and out of there, but will sure be great to have a place where I can put it up on the center stand, yank the bags and fairing, and give her a good going over. My mufflers are rusty, what's good to paint them with? Like a Rustoleum Barbeque paint or something? I think I'm finally going to get around to switching the rocker shafts- I did notice a while back that the exhaust rocker on #4 was contacting the tip of the valve stem :shock: and I know that can't be good- but it's so hard to take the old thing out of service- and up till now I didn't have a good place to work on her. I just wish I'd got around to doing something with the carbs before I got gas in the oil and washed away who knows how much life from the old girl ;) But now with the back tyre showing cord, and all these other problems let's see if I can pull a rabbit out of my hat and limp her along a few more seasons. Thanks guys, this place is the best! 8-)

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El Taco
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Re: Gonna win that contest one of these days...

Post by El Taco » Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:02 am

I know the feeling. Mine sat outside in the weather from the time I got it until just recently, I'd say about six months. I've now got the covered porch thing going on, and it's become the motorcycle shop. There's two wings in here now.

I am using GL1100 exhaust on mine, it looks great. You'll either have to lower it two inches in the rear or redo the crossover pipe. That far from the heads, you can likely get away with barbeque paint to cover the ol' 1000 pipes.

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