Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Spook1800 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:36 am

Familiar stories on here. I bought my 1800 for my wife to ride pillion as her health was failing to the point where she could not handle her Silverwing safely and my 1500 was laid up in the shed and broken. That was in 2011. She has now deteriorated to the point where she is even unable to ride pillion but my favorite daughter is visiting from interstate this weekend and has quite emphatically asked (ordered) that a Wing be registered and ready for a quick ride this weekend. She's only here for three days and I love spending quality one on one time with her so a half day jaunt with a lunch thrown in seems to be on the cards. What made me buy a Gold Wing? In the first place the bride's comfort before she even rode her own bikes, and she's had a few up to and including a VX1100 Yammie. We bought the first one in 1994 and still have it. Gotta keep the girls happy. In addition to the girls' happiness, this old bloke just loves the way they travel and handle so we're all happy eh?

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Straydogg » Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:40 pm

Back in the mid 80's my older cousin bought a 1985 Interstate. I was riding a small 250 Yamaha street bike. He took me for a ride and that was it. I just had to get a Goldwing. In 1992 I found a 1983 Aspencade at a garage sale that only had 17000 miles on it. It now has 110000 miles. Fast forward to this past August. I've now moved on to a 1989 GL1500. I thought the '83 was a great bike and I still have it, but the 1500 is a totally different beast. After some minor repairs the '83 will be for sale. The GL1500 is now THE bike for me. Now to add some "safety" chrome and I'm good to go!

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Fl-Driver » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:30 am

I owned HD Street Glides and got tired of the maintenance issues on even new ones. The F6B I heard was designed to compete with the Street Glide so I was automatically interested. Just bought a 2016 F6B and am blown away by it's performance, comfort and style!!! I bought a brand new 1982 Honda CX-500 Custom in 1982 and kept it for 18 years so I knew Honda built long lasting motorcycles.... Well done Honda!!!!
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Lynnmarn » Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:57 pm

When I was 62 I had a desire to own a street motorcycle which could be ridden back and forth to work and take some weekend rides around Salt Lake and on the mountain roads. My wife let me purchase a 2006 Honda Rebel. I road it home as proud as could be even though it would only go about 70mph. I drove it back and forth to work for about a year and managed to get 70+mpg. It was a fun bike but then I wanted a bigger one. My daughter bought it from me and I found a close out deal on a 2009 Vulcan 500 in Pocatello. Bought a ticket to Pocatello where the dealer picked me up at a service station and I drove it home. It was awesome. The extra power and bigger feel of the bike was satisfying. After driving it for a year it suddenly seemed to small to transport my wife and myself very far in comfort. We sold it and bought a 2006 Honda 1100 Sabre. What a found memory I have of riding it the 30 miles home from the dealer in 30 degree weather. I almost froze before I arrived. It wasn’t long until after a 200 mile ride through mountain roads it just wasn’t going to be the bike to cruise very far with me and my wife aboard and take any luggage. Sold it and bought a 2003 Kawasaki Nomad. We did server couple hundred mile trips on this bike and found it very comfortable. The previous owner had installed a command module to give it more power. What I didn’t know at the time was it had a loose wire from installed. Several times as we road it it would just quit or cut out but then start and off we would go. She was always afraid it would leave us stranded. Even though I did find and fix the loose wire she said she wouldn’t go on any long trips because of her fear of being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Sold it and bought a 2008 Yamaha Tour Deluxe. With this bike we actually did a 1200 mile round trip to visit our daughter in Denver and back with no incidents. It was a nice bike but returning on I80 from Laramie to Salt Lake we had a head wind of 40mph and the bike, loaded to the gills, lacked the power to keep us at 70mph. We took the Yamaha on a trip to Yellowstone when we stopped to look at a 2006 Goldwing. Took a ride on it and my wife said buy it. That is all I needed. We bought it and sold the Tour Deluxe and have never looked back. I believe the Goldwing is the ultimate bike. I have driven it to work and back everyday as well as round trips of many 100’s of miles. My wife loves it. It has power galore, is quiet enough to carry on a conversation between ourselves and fellow riders. I really believe if you own and ride one you will never have anything else. My next bike will simply be a newer Goldwing. Many others complain about the lack of a new model. I am not sure how they could make it any better but they probably will try just to stay up with demand and technology.
We rode with a group of friends last weekend. One couple drove a 2006 fully loaded Goldwing and the other rode a 2016 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited Low. Beautiful bike with every gadget you could think of but I wasn’t at all jealous. I love my Goldwing. We should be grateful for Harley Davidson keeping motorcycles alive and well. They have a strong following and supply great riding gear. Let’s hope those Harley Riders keep going so we can enjoy more and better Goldwings.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Asphaltmaniac » Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:22 am

My brother and I both got bikes way back in 78. His was a Honda 360T and man o man did that thing shake! I got a 550K that I wish I still had! But anyway my brother after going through several bikes rather quickly picked up a 76? Goldwing. It was banana yellow with a white vetter fairing out fitted with a! Anyway he got a job only two miles away from the house and I was going to school (round trip about 120 miles a day) and was complaining that the 550K was just a little tough back and forth every day. Well, he chucked me the keys to the wing and said use it as I'm not riding it much. After a few days and looooong before Will Smith said it in the movie Independence day...I was proclaiming "I gotta git me one of these"!!!!. That was around 1980. Fast forward too 1988 and my wife and I were out for a drive and I saw a wing leaning the curves. And remarked wistfully that I missed riding motorcycle and then reminisced about the yellow wing. She said so go get one. She didn't have to tell me that twice! Wandered into the very small Honda dealership in Wainscot NY a few days later and met Tom the owner for the first time. I ended up with a 86 aspencade brand new still in the box in 1988. I rode that bike 150K and until 2006 when I picked up my 06 also brand new and in the box. Speedo turned 177K yesterday on the bike and she runs like brand new but I figure in about 4-5 years I will have another wing waving at me once again from the box.

I will not ever consider any other bike to ride.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Soul_hammer » Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:30 pm

Hey guys.
I have been riding since I was 13 I am now 41. I built my first bike a sl125 that I built from 2 basket cases. I have since had more bikes than I can remember and loved every mile. My current stable consists of my new to me 83 gl1100a, a custom built by me 86 softail, a 92 suzuki dr350 and a 1985 yamaha it200 that is my current living room project. I bought the wing because my Harley is great for under 200 mile rides buy being a stripped down rocket makes it not so great for longer rides so the wing was a no brainer. Glad to be here if you would like to see pics let me know.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by raven41951 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:58 pm

We always like pics!

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Soul_hammer » Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:35 am

raven41951 wrote:
Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:58 pm
We always like pics!

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by stevemoore344 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:39 am

fastf wrote:
Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:32 pm
I bought this Old Goldwing 1200 on a whem 2 years ago any how my friend had told me that he had a 1200 before he got his 1800.This guy started with a CB-750 and when the 1000 Goldwing came out he had to have it and when the 1100 came out he bought it he even told me about the 1200 Goldwing with a side car. This guy knew how to take care of a Goldwing there wasn't a bike show he didn't come out winning a trophy.He also told me how good the engines held up.He had a man at one time that lived with him and his girlfirend that had cancer this man was in his late 60s or early 70s he owned a 1500 the old man never covered the bike up never polished the bike but he did keep maintance up on the bike my friend also told me about the miles this old man had on the bike my mouth dropped to the floor 300,000 miles and still running strong he told me that it would be cold or raining like cats and dogs the old bike would take him where he need to go and how far.This interested me my friends story and some of the things he done too my friend would ride his Goldwing to raise money for the Shriners hospital this guy would take sick children to the Shriners hospital and use his own money to help them.The short time I got to know him he helped me with what to look for on my bike and how to fix it.This friend had alot of knowledge about Goldwings we would sit and talk about the new wing such.Well on December 3. 2011 I lost a good friend of a heart attack it has been almost a year it seems like yesterday that i was jokeing with him.I miss thei guy at times and his stories rght now he is riding with Jesus in heaven.If you have a person like this please write about it and let people know thanks for reading my story and may God Bless you and your family.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by AZgl1800 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:53 pm

'For me, it was pretty simple.

My son signed up as a Civilian to go work for the Army in Iraq as a Certified Aircraft Mechanic.

He wanted that high pay to pay off his house way fast, like in two years.

He had a 1984 Goldwing and matching trailer, and knew that it would rot if left and not being ridden.

So, I rode his bike for a couple years and then later it happened that I traded it for a 1994SE.

Then later just before he got home, I found a 1986SEi and bought that before he got home.

Since then, I have owned 1998SE and now my current 2002.
'02 Gl1800 Hot Rod Yellow,
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by saywen63 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:25 pm

Have been driving bikes scince the middle of the 70s . had a friend who had a 86 1200 SEI . he asked me one day if i would like to try it for a day .
havent owend anything BUT a wing scince ! im now on my 5th wing . started with a 82 Aspencade . Now im on my 4th 1500 . tried a 1800 this sommer ......... for what they cost here in norway , think ill stick to what i know .


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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Jag39 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:31 am

I had a Harley (chopper) about 50 years ago. Since it has been a long series of dual purpose bikes, with the last being a KLR650. Decided on a whim, to try a big bike, since I am planning a trip around the west, again, and thought I might like the ride, lack of vibration, etc. I bought a used 98 GL1500SE just under a year ago, and really love it, except for the 1 mile of private dirt and sand road, to my house. Recently bought a Mini Mate camper to tow along, since I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for tent camping.

As far as why, the Wing instead of a Harley. Mostly the quiet and smoothness of the power range. I just love that. The cons, I do my own work, and the Wing is really a pain to do any work on.Complicated electronics, too. Here the Harley would really shine. I'm also a bit concerned about the network out on the road, should I need some help from a shop, or parts for the old wing. I've found my local shop isn't much help, and order all my parts online, since they don't have anything in stock, except oil, I think.

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