A Tribute To Our MC Community

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A Tribute To Our MC Community

Post by wjnfirearms » Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:33 pm

This isn't specifically Gold Wing, but it bears mentioning because you're all a part of this wonderful community.

The wife and I just returned from a benefit spaghetti dinner to benefit the family of a local MC person who died of cancer way too soon. "Fergy" was the parts guy at the local shop, Cycle Warehouse (www.cyclewarehouseonline.com). He worked there for the last ten years and was well known. Fergy was a squid in his past and a devoted rider and family man.

To help his family in their grief and time of need, the guys like Bill and Gina at Cycle Warehouse came up with the dinner idea along with soliciting door and, Chinese raffle, and regular raffle prizes from other local merchants. We donated a garage jack. The response from the business community was heartwarming, considering the sheer amount of donation requests that come in and this was not for some well known charity.

The event was at a local saloon which was normally closed today from 3p until 7p. They opened up just for the event and the ticket holders. Nobody got in without admission. There was great music, really good food (yes, you can screw up pasta very easily and they didn't), and great prizes. The bar was a cash one, but nobody cared the least.

Bottom line, they raised nearly $5000 for the Ferguson family from one limited attendance event and in just 4 short hours, including the advance sale admission tickets. There was a decent crowd and all opened up their wallets and purses. Nobody came away disappointed.

Here is but one reason why I'm proud to be a motorcyclist. This is a big part of who we collectively are.

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Re: A Tribute To Our MC Community

Post by Mag » Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:48 pm

Two words....and I so heartily agree with you...."Here Here"

I was tied up in motorcycle "groups" and clubs and I have to admit, no matter the dirction of each group, the brotherhood/sisterhood was still the same. Somethng common to belong to and the feeling of being "cage free", not like the rest, being able to continue our love of bicycles when we grew up to motor bikes as adults. We are all kids, and dig the feeling of being out in the open, even though it is "dangerous".

My thoughts to Fergy, and those others, I will always support where I can, as long as they will accept me for who I am.

Thx for writing this WJ, do appreciate, always makes me feel part of something bigger than me.

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