Why Saddlemen will have a customer for LIFE now!

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Why Saddlemen will have a customer for LIFE now!

Post by ResDog70 » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:39 pm

I just wanted to pop in and pass along my story that made this Christmas extra special.

I've been looking for a new seat for my 85 GL1200A. The seat I have is nearly immaculate, but I suffer from something affectionately known as 'tractor butt' and need a comfier ride. Having looked all over, I let my friends know that I was looking for an 87 seat, since it was a re-design and stated by many to be the best seat EVER in the GW line.

My friend called up and told me his old 87 seat was on the way to me as he lost a battle with a left-turner recently (He was fine, bike was not). I was very happy to get this seat from him, as I knew it was MUCH more comfortable than mine was, having ridden his GW before.

When it arrived, I was accessing the damage and wanting to get it re-covered, as my friend didn't have the best taste in color schemes. I noticed that there was a slot for a backrest insert... odd, I thought. A little more inspection and I found a Travelcade tag on it! I... I was just given a ROAD SOFA!

Looking up the company, I called them up and asked them if they could sell me a backrest for the seat, as I couldn't find them available individually. Jerry on the other end said "Sure, we can do that" and quoted me a reasonable price. "What Color?" he asked. "Well, that's a whole different matter," I told Jerry, "I'm going to get it reupholstered anyway as the current color is not going to work for my ride at all." He then noticed I was calling from the 310 area code and said, "You know, we are just a few miles from you... bring the seat in and we'll take a look at it for you."

Seriously? How did I not know these guys were 20 minutes away from me when I called? Next morning, I'm there with the seat and meeting Jerry. He takes a look at it and immediately went down memory lane. Grabbed it, took it out to the floor to show it to the Floor Operations Manager and they both starting excitedly reminiscing over it. Turns out, the Floor Mgr has been with them since he was 17 and probably built that seat himself. They asked what color I was looking to redo the seat in and I told them I wanted to stay close to the stock seat colors and they began pulling material. We decided on a coffee brown material, with a black velour center piece for the seat.

Jerry then asked if I wanted a tour. Heck YES I want a tour! He took me around and showed me every stage of the process that they go through when they make a Saddlemen seat... Gel molds, foam inlay, support, stitching, finishing... everything... He called their factory "The house that the GL1500 built". According to him, business was good, but when the GL1500 came out, that's when they hit their stride and secured the roof over their head. Now they make seats for almost every bike out there, but you could see a legitimate love and appreciation they had for this GoldWing owner!

Got a call when it was done and drove back down there to get the seat (10 days of work). When they brought it up front, I was blown away. What a gorgeous seat! They not only upholstered it, they inspected all aspects of the seat, replaced some worn foam and did such a beautiful job on it. There it was.... now with a matching backrest.... BEGGING to be installed on my bike ASAP!

All said and done, I got a brand new backrest and essentially a new Road Sofa seat for $250!! I couldn't freaking believe it!

Those guys impressed me so much. They are VERY proud of their product and VERY appreciative of the GoldWing community.

So now my bike has the most comfortable seat I've ever sat on and I couldn't be happier!

If anyone needs a near-perfect (one area of loose threading) OEM stock seat and accompanying backrest setup, let me know and we can talk price. I'm not going to put it back on my bike anytime soon, so let me know!

Just wanted to let you know how my Christmas got a whole lot better!

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Re: Why Saddlemen will have a customer for LIFE now!

Post by Don A » Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:30 am

Sent you my email. Did you ever decide about a price?

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Re: Why Saddlemen will have a customer for LIFE now!

Post by bustedwing » Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:22 pm

Sweet. Hey, I have three stock seats, do you think I can trade them in on a new one and get the tour too? Just a thought.
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