Pre Season Maintenance

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Pre Season Maintenance

Post by WingT » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:05 pm

It’s time to start working on the bike. Making all those improvements that I thought of periodically throughout the riding season last year.
I know it’s almost time because I have to move the beer back into the fridge from the garage!
It’s now 3/27 and I have been a Goldwing owner for 1 year on the 25th! It was a long dry spell, almost
a decade! My last wing was an ’84 Int. and it was nice, but patience and time has made me an owner of a beautiful ’97 SE, the bike of my dreams!
My first 1500 and I love it SO much I can’t imagine ever having another. I didn’t really even get to go anywhere much last summer but somehow managed to put on about 5000 mi.
Now, with a bit over 60m on ‘er it’s time. Time for the list. Everything from timing belts to brakes, a headlamp modulator, cruise and sub air filters.
All of which, by the way, have step by step instructions on the things I do have questions on, right here on this site! Probably THE premier goldwing site on the internet. I am new to this site as I am new back into the tour motorcycling scene. And I must say I am very impressed. I am a bit of a wrench, and I know how long it takes to do some things. But I can’t imagine how much longer it takes to perform a task while taking pictures of each step along the way and documenting it into procedural instructions.
A big heartfelt THANK YOU should go out to all those who do these articles. Not only do you clarify questions in the minds of so many guys, but the sense of accomplishment and confidence that is instilled into guys that might otherwise just write a check is just hard to wrap your mind around!
Just in the short time I’ve been reading forums on this site, I have learned so much. For example,
Just reading the “ How to replace timing belts” article, I saved about 40 buck because I bought Gates t275 belts from the auto parts store instead of buying them from a bike shop off the internet.
Thank You for that little tip, Wing Admin !
Maybe I can return the favor by posting pictures of a little idea I have if it works like I think it will.
Hope all of you guys have a blessed riding season, safe and full of adventure


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Re: Pre Season Maintenance

Post by virgilmobile » Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:39 pm

Post the pictures.
We all like to see new inovations and methods.

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