Here to say "Thanks"

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Uncle A
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Here to say "Thanks"

Post by Uncle A » Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:17 pm

This is where I first learned of Honda service manuals available for downloads. I'm very disappointed that this may come to an end.

What's the difference if we get information from a friend's copy, the library, or a photocopy from a local dealer? Many of us bought a manual years ago, but an electronic one helps us track down part numbers, copy pictures and schematics and then use these as tools for sharing and learning around the world.

If we can't be right next to the person with the problem, a picture's worth a thousand words. We aren't stealing anything that you can't get for free from other sources. Are we only allowed to use our wrenches on our own machines and not for someone else's machine?

This website and several others like it are the only source of information available. Try and find this much information on your 1994 Buick, nobody wants to help unless there's money to be made.

We're all in this for the same reason. Most shops don't want to deal with older bikes. We do.

Honda will be hearing from me...

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