DIRT riding in South Florida

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DIRT riding in South Florida

Post by 1CheeseLouise » Wed May 01, 2013 10:08 am

I posted before (last year) about riding a big bike on dirt roads. Plenty of riders have daily dirt riding experience, live on dirt roads, etc. But NOT on some of the unpaved roads around here in central Palm Beach County! I just got back from visiting Gary who lives on Windmill, about a 5 mile drive from my home. Most of it on dirt roads of shell rock (which is OK), with sections of 'sugar sand' (which is NOT). Gary grows and sells fruit trees and I went there in my pick-up truck, returning home with Avocado and Lemon trees. The road dipped down into a foot or two trough of 'sugar sand'. This is the stuff desert dunes are made of. There were half a dozen of these close together just before his driveway. If my truck had stopped in one of these, I would have needed a come-along with some rope and cable, or a tow truck. If that tow truck driver wasn't careful, he also would need a tow truck. I doubt that my GL1800 could make it through that. Gary and his wife drive this road daily. They have a 4WD - SUV and Pick-Up Truck. A light off road bike would be just right there, but would you ride your Wing on his road?

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Re: DIRT riding in South Florida

Post by Mag » Wed May 01, 2013 10:17 am

I would say....with nobby tires (like on a dirt bike) or paddle wheels like on the sand dune buggies, then "maybe", but I would not trust myself on this with sand (and they do not make nobby or paddle tires for Goldwings as far as I know, lol). When I put fresh driveway rock on my drive, it is usually about an inch or two thick, and is challenging to even ride that way.

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Re: DIRT riding in South Florida

Post by WingAdmin » Sun May 05, 2013 9:26 pm

XR1500R Dirt Wing:

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Re: DIRT riding in South Florida

Post by WA9FWT » Mon May 06, 2013 11:27 am

After reading this about sand in Fla.Many a year ago I was in Jacksonville Beach Fla for the first time on my cycle.
I saw guys in trucks and cycles driving up and down the beach on the sand ? I thought how is this possible, we can not do that back home on the beach of lake Michigan. No way would I attempt driving a bike on our beaches.

I was a bit hesitate to even try riding next to the water, but I followed all the others I was with. I remembered when we stopped, we had a little discussion on how neat one can drive on sand. It wasn't long we were up and down that beach for miles with me being last. Then came time to get off the beach and head back up on to a road. I made a right turn and hit some sand that made me fall over. I thought I was back home in WI. :lol:

There I laid in that soft sand, ever try to pick up a 750 in sand up to your ankles ;) It wasn't long the guys came looking for me. Boy did I ever get the remarks :lol: :lol: I remember them saying the only place on the whole beach , and Phil had to find it.... Man those were the good old days I guess I turned too short!!!! O ya it was Dark out too.


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