GL1500se upgrade to a GL1800,

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GL1500se upgrade to a GL1800,

Post by furnacedoc » Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:22 pm

Hello everyone, I have a gl1500se and my wife and I love riding, I have questions on changing to a gl1800. it appears to have more room for both rder and passenger. Is this correct. also I am 6'4" and my wife is 5'!0" . also it appears that the 1800 is stretched out a little further so that the front pegs are a little farther forward which would help me . any input either way will be appreciated. See Ya on the road

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Re: GL1500se upgrade to a GL1800,

Post by themainviking » Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:38 pm

Being as you are 6'4", I cannot see a stock GL1800 being real comfortable for you. Highway pegs might be enough, but I think a King seat from Ultimate Seats along with the Highway pegs could make the GL1800 the bike of your dreams. (any other King seat such as Corbin etc would serve the same purpose)
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Fatwing Chris
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Re: GL1500se upgrade to a GL1800,

Post by Fatwing Chris » Sun Jul 07, 2013 5:32 pm

Just picked up an 04 ABS 1800 and there is no way the 1800 is as comfortable as the 1500 IMHO.Mine has a Corbin that I'm sure has been built for someone taller than me,because any of the stock seats that I've sat on my knees were pretty much touching the fairing.My knees aren't as bent as with the stock seat.Saying all that you will still need hyway pegs/boards of some kind.More room for the pass,but the wife says the 1500 with a Hartco was more comfortable.My 1800 rides like a buckboard(I guess I paid for that ride and handling)and apparently the cure is to add Traxxion springs frt and rear and disable the ADV.Another expence for an already expensive bike.Apparently there is a complete frt and rear system from Traxxion that is supposed to be the cats ass,but the price is something like $3 k.The new ones are apparently a lot better ride,but you'll have to spend some money to make it fit a big guy like yourself.I'm only 5'10" and without the Corbin sitting me back a bit I wouldn't be able to ride it far.JMHO.I've only put about 600 miles on it though.
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Re: GL1500se upgrade to a GL1800,

Post by redial » Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:45 pm

For your pegs, try "Mick O Pegs". That may assist in stretching your legs forward so that you can be more comfortable on the longer bits of your ride.
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Re: GL1500se upgrade to a GL1800,

Post by dingdong » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:05 am

You will find that the 1500 has more room for the rider and the passenger. At your size you won't like the 1800 if you are looking for space. Not going to happen. I don't own an 1800 just for this reason. And I am 6'0".

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Re: GL1500se upgrade to a GL1800,

Post by charliektm400exc » Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:07 pm

I made the same move you are contemplating. 1800 is a much better bike in all respects except comfort for the rider. (wife thinks it's more comfortable then the 1500) I'm 178cm which I think is just under 6ft

I haven't worked out what it is but the tops of my thighs get so tired that I find it hard to lift my leg up to put the brake on after a long ride. I have some highway pegs which help for a change, but not always practical to use them. I think the seat needs to be higher, but reading above I also wonder if the riders pegs could be further back.

I put the Progressive Suspension mono tubes in, and put a "Rocky Tree" on. (reinforced triple tree, for more details look it up on the gl1800riders forum.

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Re: GL1500se upgrade to a GL1800,

Post by bjatwood » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:32 pm

I have heard too that the 1800's are a bit tighter for the bigger riders. I'm 6'1" and think my 1500SE fits my like a glove! The wife is 5'2" and she just LOVES the seat on the bike! Think she would get rid of me first instead of that Goldwing! LOL

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