Answers to a LOT of my questions

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Answers to a LOT of my questions

Post by mtn_boy1 » Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:31 pm

Just got home from a 5 day, 1500 mile trip thru the mountains of VA and WV. When I say 'thru the mountains', I mean, of the 1500 miles, less than 200 was on 4 lane roads. It was great. Here are some of the questions that I answered. Will thicker grips help keep my hands from getting numb? Yes, they most certainly do! Is Darksiding for me? I am now a Double Darksider (Austone on the back and BT45 on the front) and didn't notice any negative difference in the handling. Positives were better handling on cracks, tar snakes, etc., excellent wet road handling. Also tried the Lemon Pledge and the rain flew off the windshield. I did notice that the water ran down the inside of the windshield. Someone had posted about putting some 'trim' around the edge to stop that. I'm gonna try it. If you like twisties here are some suggestions, HWY 220 from Franklin, WV south to White Sulpher Springs, WV; HWY 219 from Lewisburg, WV north to Elkins, WV; RTE 20 from Buchannon,WV south to Richwood, WV; Rte 39 from Richwood, WV east to Lexington, VA; and the Blue Ridge Parkway to anywhere you want to go. When you are getting bored with the 30 MPH turns, they will gladly throw in a 15 MPH turn for you. 5 days of enjoyable riding. Sometimes along the ridge on top of the mountain, sometimes along crystal clear streams at the bottom of the mountain but, mostly twisting, turning switchbacks going up and down the mountain! I spent 2 days in Central WV (where I grew up) riding the roads I learned to drive on. Most, not all, were marked. It always makes the blood pump better when you meet a car in a blind corner on an unmarked road! LOL

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Re: Answers to a LOT of my questions

Post by themainviking » Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:02 pm

mtn_boy1 wrote:It always makes the blood pump better when you meet a car in a blind corner on an unmarked road! LOL
Well, sir, I don't know if it makes the blood pump better, but I sure as heck know it makes it pump HARDER - BA-BOOM, BA-BOOM, BA-BOOM. You can hear it in your ears, :lol:
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