MBL handlebar risers

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MBL handlebar risers

Postby Ech929 » Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:07 pm

Installed the MBL Model 1803S(up, back, and in) yesterday. The instructions were a bit lacking with regard to dis-assembly. Soooo, if you decide to do this yourself, here's some advise from someone that just did it yesterday afternoon. When it say take out the dash metering panel and fork cover, do yourself a favor and take the instrument cluster loose too. I finally had to take mine loose in order to get the screws back into the fork cover (after modifying it to a greater degree than indicated in the instructions). We rode 260 miles today. With the new Throttle Boss and the MBL mod, I was extremely comfortable leaning back against the drive backrest and the paddle on the throttle handle was great. Great Ride! :D

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