My 4 yrs of warranty experience

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My 4 yrs of warranty experience

Post by yechave » Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:51 am

Worth passing on to those who may use the Honda USA warranty.

I can't tell you how disappointed I have been with local Honda dealers telling me they could not duplicate the problem the bike was brought in for. One has to wonder just how hard did they try?

I took the bike to the local dealer at least 30 times, probably 28 of those complaints were never even documented. If you were to pull up the GW's history, you would not find it had been in 24 times just for transmission complaints.
I seriously considered selling it but just could not have someone else risk their well-being on a bike that might lock up the rear end when you least expect it to and never should in the first place, or just jump out of gear at the wrong moment. It had become very dangerous.

I wasted months of my time and many trips to and from the local shop. They really need to recuse themselves if they are not qualified to deal with the problems or make the necessary repairs. I would really like to see these shops get rated by customers so others have an idea what they may or may not be capable of.

Honda USA. Not really sure why they would put people here that have very little if any mechanical knowledge of the bikes. I received a great deal of misleading or outright bad information over the four years of services and calling them for technical information. Thankfully, forums such as this were incredibly helpful in locating the information necessary to properly diagnose the issues we were having. The fuel mapping issue took nearly a year to diagnose and fix, mostly because we were expecting it to be an electrical problem. This was the only forum I found any information about it.

Don't take everything Honda USA tells you as the only answer to your question. If it doesn't sound right, it very well may not be.
If you don't like what they have to say, call back and get someone else. Don't like that answer, call back and get someone else!
It pays to be persistent.

The time it took my companion and I to drop off the bike for service was a 16+ hrs, and that was if traffic was moving. That gives and indication of just how bad the service was from the dealer just ten minutes from our home. Another dealer about an hour away was not much better as they too were not able to offer any help on the two biggest and expensive issues we had, so I just stopped asking. I haven't been back since. And, that was after I had spent an enormous amount of time coming up with answers to the problems, before I went to those shops and then being told they could not duplicate the problem. One dealership even suggested the GW analog tach was not accurate enough to determine my RMP's were dropping below 500!

Once we did find a qualified dealer (Lancaster Honda) that worked with us and listened to the issues, all of our warranty work and maintenance services were done at their shop. They rebuilt the trans, were able to troubleshoot the faulty fuel mapping chip which was causing all kinds of electrical issues, diagnosed and replaced the seat which was not enabling the heaters to work, and basically single handedly allowed us to keep the 2006 GW. Not once did they doubt my concerns with the MC.

We had a defective alternator at 8k miles, defective passenger heat switch, broken trunk hinge, defective clutch piston off the clutch handle, bad transmission as well as some other minor glitches. All this under 18k miles. A far cry from being the bullet-proof MC suggested to you before you buy one.

We sold our LT1200 due to the fear of expensive repairs and having only one dealer to go to for services. I never would have anticipated having dealership / service issues with Honda.

Our sincere appreciation to Kevin Maddox (sales manager) at Lancaster Honda for going way above and beyond what was asked of them to get the GW repaired under warranty and provide outstanding services the past four years.

I feel Honda USA could have done a much better job. Had it not been for Kevin Maddox at Lancaster, Honda USA would not have covered the transmission rebuild. There is one really good rep (Pat) at Honda USA that listened and did take the time to do what was necessary and helped us out a great deal. My last experience a few weeks ago with warranty went much better. Honda USA called with up to the minute status reports and replaced the seat and brake pads at NC. That was not at all the norm in the 3.5 yrs prior.

Nonetheless, we would not have been able to keep the MC without the warranty. I hope after seven years of factory warranty, all the issues are now taken care of.

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Re: My 4 yrs of warranty experience

Post by WingAdmin » Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:11 am

Wow, what a nightmare. Unfortunately, this kind of stuff is more the norm than the exception at Honda dealers.

There is a place you can document your experience with individual dealers: Vendor Database

Look up the dealers in question, and if they aren't in there already (they should be if they are Honda dealers), feel free to add them. Then add your ratings and comments. It will help others who are looking for service help.

Here's hoping you now have a trouble-free ride for many thousands of miles.

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