8 Years Of Real Bliss

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8 Years Of Real Bliss

Post by wjnfirearms » Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:21 am

Good friends, today's my anniversary. There was a time that I thought I'd never feel this way, but I have to share this.

I met my wife, Joy Marie, in 1998 after I separated from my first wife of 13 years. It was likely the worst time in my life then. I was introduced by a mutual friend when I went to her ambulance service to teach a class there. We both had baggage and it was a roller coaster for about a year after we started seeing each other. Then for reasons, we had our own epiphanies and realized that neither of us were there for the beer, so to speak. It had been getting better and better ever since between us. We both decided to just be together until 2005 and then became wed. It was a simple thing in Vegas. No, Elvis didn't marry us. She drew the line there.

She is the best person I know. Kind, smart, resourceful, loving, caring. She puts up with a lot from me and never complains. She is my best friend and biggest ally and supports me in everything I do. Her greatest goal is my happiness. We do everything together and some of the best times is with her on the back of my bike or being out with the camper. We always love to experiment with going different places or seeing new roads. We call them our "excellent adventures". When I feel low, she is always there to give me a boost. When I'm feeling great, she is there with a smile and a good word to make whatever it is even better. She always treated my three sons as her own and I her daughter (she was a divorcee, also). Not quite the Brady Bunch, but you get the picture.

She had always said that God has a plan for me during the times that I worked crappy jobs after I retired from the DPS. This was reiterated time and time again while I unsuccessfully looked for work after the fiasco at the bike shop. She knew I was becoming more and more miserable at the DPS after 34 years and things changing there not for the better and when I was eligible for retirement, told me in no uncertain terms to retire and we would make it work. We knew my pension would not make the grade on it's own, but she insisted that things would work out. When the details of my pending appointment to replace the elected constable came to be, nobody could have been happier for me. I guess she knew that a big part of my happiness is serving and protecting the public trust and that's what I was born to do. Maybe she was right.

We found out years after we formed our partnership that there were uncanny parallels in our past lives. We were both married to our firsts on September 26, 1983. My ex was born on November 26, 1961, she on November 25, 1960. I was born May 4, 1956, hers on May 16, 1956. We both separated in May 1997. She was an EMT, I also in public safety and I hold a paramedic certification.

We often wonder what life would be like if we found each other in the first place. We would be married 30 years today.

I could go on and on. Bottom line is that I cannot imagine being anywhere with anyone else.

Happy anniversary, JM. I love you!!

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Re: 8 Years Of Real Bliss

Post by redial » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:07 am

Sounds like you two took a while to find each other, (had to have a trial run with others first), but life is great when you get a partner that cares when the going gets tougher, and laughs with you in the good times. Find a good relationship and stick with it - and it sounds like you have a keeper.

I trust that the constable job works out well for you. Keep smiling, life is always better if you can smile.
Len in Kapunda

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Re: 8 Years Of Real Bliss

Post by waituntilthebeep » Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:47 pm

That's awesome! I too married my first on September 26th:-) The key is that she WAS my first. I found what you did in my second wife Angie and share the same passion for my best friend.

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Re: 8 Years Of Real Bliss

Post by bustedwing » Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:42 pm

That is so great to be able to find trust in someone after the trauma of a troubled marriage finally sinks into divorce. It sounds like both of you traveled parallel roads and got to the same intersection at the same time which is unique. I certainly hope you both enjoy many more happy years together.
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Re: 8 Years Of Real Bliss

Post by slingshotm » Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:21 am

Sounds like we have found the same kind of wife. We have been together 16 years and we both talk about how things happen for a reason. Not always understanding why or liking it. But if things didn't happen the way they did in our life's we would never had ended up being with each other. We started out riding 2 up but now she has her own wing and enjoy riding together. :D :D

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