Lucky Dad

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Lucky Dad

Post by littlebeaver » Thu Oct 10, 2013 10:44 pm

My daughter loves vehicles, fast cars and nice trucks, the child actually loves to detail the truck, I know it's weird right.. :lol: I told her today that when I bought my first truck back in the early 80's I could be found at the carwash every Saturday, today she got that feeling to detail again and she made me go to walmart to get chrome cleaner and black magic, and glass cleaner... :shock: What child does this? So I took a nap today and she was washing and doing the truck out front...I was asleep for about 2 hours and I got up and she was still at it...well she got done and we were going to get some dinner, guess what, click click click, she had the radio on and the doors open for two hours or so, I explained to her that she can't do that, the interior lights are all on and the radio was probably loud so she got a lesson in removing and charging the battery tonight...We were going to go have dinner on the bike but I just happened to dismantle it today to show another member the coil mod. we did on the bike and it was still apart,, we charged the battery for 30 minutes and the truck started fine and we got dinner, so now the battery is on the charger over night...she's learning to drive and well too, I am teaching her every little thing I can think of that other people do to aggravate you ect. she is highway driving now in traffic.. The hardest part of teaching them to drive is the first few times out, they can't control the brakes or gas ect. she's ready for the big test now.. I have a problem fella's, I have been wanting to get a 1500 but this daughter really needs some wheels, so I have a bike, a nice one too, I usually think of others before myself so ..I may forfit the 1500 for now...Two neighbors asked my daughter if I was making her wash the truck and detail it today, she said no I love doing this stuff.. She is quite the little mechanic too..The way she uses tools seems natural, she takes control of a screw driver just like we do...It's kinda cool to see..she holds the ratchet straight and square to the bolt while turning it..Wow :shock: ...But she is scared of my bandsaw still...She tells me how disrespectful the kids are at school to the Subs. and teachers...She hates her generation and their ways, So does my daughter in college.. I just felt like sharing tonight is all.. :D I consider myself a lucky dad because these kids understand and know the word respect, it's very upsetting to see other kids doing what they do, it's the parents fault..It all starts with respect..While those kids are doing stupid things my daughters are shaking their heads, thinking, you disrespectful little brats.. The kids today have a real problem repecting themselves I think..

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Re: Lucky Dad

Post by themainviking » Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:58 am

littlebeaver wrote:The kids today have a real problem repecting themselves I think..
I think you are correct in this Beav. Parents are not (mostly) allowed to raise their children any more. Some parents are taking back their control from the Child Welfare Authorities, and the children benefit from it. You and your wife must have done this from the very get go to have two that respect themselves and others. We tried with our son, and for a while there, I thought we had failed, but he actually turned out okay once he decided to grow the hell up and stop playing with life. He still has a bit of an attitude, but it helps him in his work, so I don't berate him about it. Looking at the generation of kids who do not have respect, I cannot wait to see how their children turn out.
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Re: Lucky Dad

Post by 80-GL100-INT » Fri Oct 11, 2013 11:23 am

I'm right there with ya Beav...That was a big part of the reason we pulled our 2 out of public school. He was in 4th grade and starting to "act out" like the other kids, she was in 2nd and barely remembers. He is a home schooled senior (17) and taking college classes getting ready for a very promising career as a writer/musician/production, majoring in graphic arts. She is a sophomore (15) and is daddy's little helper, she sound a lot like yours, right out there turning the wrench's with me, asking to wash the car ( already learned the battery lesson), with aspirations of owning her own bake shop (quite the baker). They have (and their friends have) more respect in their little fingers than a lot of young adults I know.

Congrats lucky dad, from another!!
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Re: Lucky Dad

Post by littlebeaver » Fri Oct 11, 2013 11:44 am

I couldn't wait to drive after I learned how, I learned in a VW beetle on the beach with nobody around at the age of 13...I got hooked on driving. :D

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Re: Lucky Dad

Post by WingAdmin » Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:25 pm

You're doing something right, Beav.

Last night my daughter begged me not to sell my wife's little 250 Virago, so that she could have it in two years when she's old enough to drive. She also said that her aunt was going to give her the old, beat-up 300,000 mile Subaru Legacy that she has, and would I help her fix it? I said I would supervise and teach HER to fix it. She was fine with that. :)

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Re: Lucky Dad

Post by Pam » Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:12 pm

To soon they grow up and become adults and move out of the nest. I still have a list of things I would like to show my boy but he live 100 miles away and I don't see him as much as I would like, and as we all know timing is every thing when passing on what you have learn't over the years. One funny thing when he was small he would always step on the door seal at the bottom of the door frame. The other day he was saying that now he has kids of his own he know why we were always on him about it. :lol:

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Re: Lucky Dad

Post by redial » Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:09 pm

Well done, guys and gals! Getting them through the awkward stage, when they are neither children nor adults, is always the hardest, especially with the hormones raging (I have two sons, adults now, but it takes a while). I concur that you should show them the way, and let them actually do the job.

In the military, I would be asked to send some males over to erect tents for the females. I would reply, No! I will send one soldier to show you how to put up your tents, but you will be doing the work. This system worked.
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Re: Lucky Dad

Post by Mag » Fri Oct 11, 2013 8:32 pm

(sigh....).....all I have is a 17 year old daughter with "spit and vinegar" right now, nothing but attitude when I need her to do her chores that she did not do the other day. Then my wife cops attitude cuz daughter has attitude.


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Re: Lucky Dad

Post by jhbates2000 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:45 am

Well I have 3 boys 15 1/2, 13 & oldest has his driving permit and is a wonderful driver, but he is not much good with tools. I have tried and treid to teach him but nothing seems to click. My middle son on the other hand, I am pretty sure the day he was born he already hed plans for the fist set of tools he wanted to buy. At the age of about 4 he took apart one of those peddle go carts COMPLETELY and put it all back together. He has his own "workshop" out in my shed, I have a 14 x 14 shed in the back yard and he has half of it. He like to take thjings apart and make new things, he is quite the inventor and suprisingly most of the things he makes work really well. His latest project is to turn an old riding mower into some sort of go cart. My youngest is a decent mix of both boys. He comes up with the ideas and my middle puts them together...somtimes.

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Re: Lucky Dad

Post by bustedwing » Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:38 pm

I agree with you Beav, thankfully you have a daughter with some common sense, which is rather rare in a teenager. I love taking the time to work with my children, no matter the project. The older I get the more I miss the time spent with them on projects. But also your daughter sees the attitude of immaturity and rejects that proving she is smarter than the whole bunch. You ARE a lucky Dad.

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