snake quiz

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snake quiz

Postby LDodge » Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:29 pm

Hi all --
As a newbie, I have a question on what to do when you come across those lovely "snakes" in the road -- you know the ones -- where the friendly road construction crew (have lots of those up here in Wisconsin) didn't quite level the two sections of road when they made a repair.

So when you hit a snake, should you:
a. accelerate
b. keep a constant speed
c. let off throttle, no brakes
d. let off throttle, apply some brakes
e. panic, lay her down and try to walk away with as much dignity as you can scrap off the black top? (this is personally my least favorite one, but I don't want to slant the voting ;) )

Any other snake training trips would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: snake quiz

Postby virgilmobile » Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:15 pm

I usually just ride through it and find a better track...a bit more of a firm hand on the grips and even driving...

In some state.,if a defect in the road(broken grate,large stones or uneven surfaces) causes damage to a vehicle or loss of reasonable control,They are liable for all damages and costs incurred...

They probably don't advertise this tho...

Personally I drove over a cattle guard,one piece of loose grate punctured a rear tire.
The "state" reimbursed the total cost including labor to replace it....I had to document everything.

I heard of one fellow who had his engine replaced due to a large rock that his tire popped up and punctured the oil pan...Lost the oil and destroyed the engine..

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Re: snake quiz

Postby bstig60 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:52 am

Those are common hear as well. A lot of how the bike reacts depends on the tires and the tire pressure. I find my bike doesn't much care, you feel it, but I just ride thru it and move on.

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Re: snake quiz

Postby redial » Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:26 am

We have snakes here too, but sometimes they cheat and go hide in the long grass, or some them will even await the unsuspecting in the short grass as well.

But the things you really encounter a lot are 'cattle grids'. These are railway lines placed at a fence line across a road near a fence, so that a gate does not have to be built and opened and closed to keep the cattle on one side. The railway lines are placed about 25 cms (about 10 inches) apart, and there are about 20 of them all lying in parallel. The idea is that the cattle cannot jump across, nor walk across, so the cattle avoid them. Those of us on motorcycles get a bumpy ride, because I refuse to drive over them like I do in a 4wd.

Len in Kapunda

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