A Stupid Thing I did

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A Stupid Thing I did

Post by WVJefo » Sat May 03, 2014 3:08 pm

SO I have had my 1994 wing since Jan 2013. Dealer I bought it from said " Doesn't need a thing for two years" Except maintance of course. SO night before last I pulled the air filterfor the first time. Happy me it was a cloth filter not paper, Just like K&N. So I used cleaner, let it dry, then some K&N oil. Installed it last night. (Put a little grease on the plastic parts of the carb like Wingman suggests)
This morning when I wanted to hit the Ohio bike month kickoff, the bike would not start. Turn over yes, start no. And was leaking fuel.
Darn, what did I break???? Pulled the air filter. Pulled the side & lower fairing off too looking for the leak. Did not find the leak. But the bike started and no leak.
OK I think, what ever you screwed up just been unscrewed up. Put the air filter back on but left the plastic off. The bike would not start.
I had screwed up the air filter. Maybe it was not dry yet or the oil had clogged the filter. Either way no air was getting to the carbs. No air No start. Once I pulled the air filter the bike started right up.
I have done most of the maintance on my rides for twenty years. Seldom have I felt this stupid.


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Re: A Stupid Thing I did

Post by Fatwing Chris » Sat May 03, 2014 3:57 pm

Glad to hear you got it figured out.If it were me I'd be running an OEM paper filter.They're cheap,do the job and don't need to be serviced regularily.
PS Can you tell that I'm not a K&N fan unless it's a racing application.
If I'da known it would last this long,I'da taken better care of it.
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