New(ish) guy

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New(ish) guy

Post by ankgrays » Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:56 am

Hello all, from Centeral Iowa!

I've been registered for a while, even posted a few times, but never introduced myself.

My name is David, Dave, DG, OG, ODG, CO, POPO...whatever, and I live in centeral Iowa.

Just bought a new-to-me 1981 Goldwing Interstate from a co-workers dad. The OG was getting a little stoved up in the back and hips, and was moving to a smaller place and made me a offer too good to pass up. So I bit. Bike has 43K on it, in pretty good shape, but needs a few minor things done to it. First thing is getting the rear brake to quit hanging up. It's probably the old master cylinder needing rebuilt. Already changed all the fluids. The tires will be 2nd on the list. Front was mfg. in 2000, and the back was mfg. in 2003. Tread is still good and no cracks or dry rotting. Could still be good, but the age has me worried, so I'm gonna pop for a new set..

I like all kinds of guy stuff...ham radio (licensed since 1977), guns, hunting, fishing, camping, biking, motorcycles, etc.

I have learned more about my GW in the past 2-3 months from this site, than I ever learned about all of my other bikes combined. (And I still need to learn more.

Anyway...nice site, nice people so far. Thanks for it all.


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Re: New(ish) guy

Post by redial » Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:41 pm

Hello Dave, DG, etc etc,
Thanks for introducing yourself, but you should know by now that we love photos, and that would make your intro complete. But welcome to the good place for GW from the deep south.
Len in Kapunda

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Re: New(ish) guy

Post by Mag » Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:15 am

Welcome to the group POPO ;)

Ya, this is a great site, I have learned a lot about my ride too. Don't let the 40k miles scare ya either....these things just keep running. I think we all are "tinkerers" of sorts.

By the way, my dad is WA6AWC down in gold country of California if you hear him on the radio.

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Re: New(ish) guy

Post by patbrandon1 » Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:35 am

Welcome to the site Dave. I would post any technical questions you have directly in the forum that is applies to. I don't think as many people read this as do the forum for 1100's.

But before you go rebuild the master cylinder have a look at pics #17a to 17c, in this link... viewtopic.php?f=11&t=57 and clean out the return port of the master cylinder. This port is VERY small, and can get clogged really easily. I use the small E string of a guitar to clean mine. Remove all the brake fluid, and replace with fresh. Many times a hung brake is caused by the return port being clogged, both front or back. It won't hurt to rebuild the cylinder, but unless that port is totally free of any obstruction, it may still hang up.

I also suggest you read all of the "How To" articles for the 1100's to get really familiar with your ride. There are many helpful hints in these articles, and many great people to help you get them done. But posting to the forum dedicated to 1100's information and questions will produce more answers.

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