Beauty and the beast .

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Beauty and the beast .

Post by made2care » Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:09 pm

Took sleeping beauty out for my first ride .Front brakes appear to not be making scratching noise anymore. She is backfiring when I release the throttle. After I parked her , fuel started leaking from oem fuel pump. I've ordered an 85 honda prelude pump, so will attempt that mod next week.
Why did I title this beauty and the beast you might wonder?? After the ride I took out my kawasaki 1500 drifter , to use as a comparison of sorts , since this was my first experience riding a wing.
My drifter is a beast, with ease of shifting compared to the beauty. I was surprised that beauty had so much power!! Another comparison would be seating. The beast is very low to the ground and sits back, beauty is very upright and appears to be higher off the ground, which will take some adjusting too.
It was a great feeling to finally get sleeping beauty on the open road. I still plan on rebuilding the calipers even though the noise has subsided.
Thanks again to all the help out there . It's been quite an experience and the best part is yet to come. A journey together:)



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Re: Beauty and the beast .

Post by Mag » Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:51 pm

Hard to really compare a vtwin rumbler to a smooth 4 cylinder...but I hear about your comparison. I had a 1500 Vulcan 88, was a 1992, and that thing just thumped all over, nice bike, a lot different than the wing, and it is always good to get back on a "smaller" bike just to enjoy one that does not have all the add-ons.

Keep going with the beauty, she will take care of you for sure once you complete her.

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