Goldwing Recall for Brake Problem... again

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Goldwing Recall for Brake Problem... again

Post by Mariner » Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:19 pm

Just got a letter from Honda telling me that my 2003 GL1800 is being recalled for a problem with the rear brake/master cylinder. The kick in the pants, according to the letter, is that they already fixed it before but they didn't really fix it and while Honda doesn't have a solution yet, apparently, wait for it, Goldwing owners have figured out the problem on their own because the letter goes on to say that if you fixed the problem prior to Sept 30, 2014 they will reimburse you for the repair!

The way I see it, if any group of Goldwing riders anywhere have a special insight or knowledge of my Goldwing ahead of the manufacturer, it's got to be Goldwing Docs staff or members. Accordingly, I have a request: Could those of you here on Goldwing Docs that are tuned into this particular problem please call the Honda engineers and tell them how to fix my bike?

I would very much appreciate being able to stop when I want to, not stop when I don't want to, and not ride down the road with my tail feathers on fire!

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