New bike what should I check

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New bike what should I check

Post by jdd » Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:42 pm

I just bought a 83 goldwing 1100 interstatewith 46,000 miles; my second bike, first one died after a year, I know this bike has many years of use but I don't know what all I need to check or be aware of , I know of oil and coolant but I don't know how often of the other fluids like my drive shaft and brake fluids if at all, I wouldn't mine a couple other tips too to help with life of bike.

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Re: New bike what should I check

Post by TKM » Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:21 pm

Welcome from Ontario
you did not say if the bike was on the road or found as is , assuming the bike is on the road
New to you Goldwing !--change the timing belts
Oil , i use Rotella T 15/40 helps with lubrication of the clutch ,
Coolant switch it out , you need coolant for a aluminum motor (i use Honda coolant from the car dealer) then you know when the starting point is , same with brake fluid . I do my brake fluid every couple of years
I would repack the wheel bearings (Moly 60 or equivalent)
46000 miles that's less than 2000 miles a year, have a good look at the tires , do trust old checked or cracked tires , do not trust old tires !
Source out a manual , it will help you greatly
Sounds like a great find , enjoy

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Re: New bike what should I check

Post by oldhack62 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:57 pm

As it happens, you bought a bike almost identical -- mine had 51,000 miles at purchase -- as I did just two months ago. Thankfully, I bought mine from an old-timey, local, custom-bike builder who'd refurbished and ridden it to Bike Week in Daytona in February, so most of my primary concerns were moot, and he remains available in a retail setting for my future reference.
However, I DID change the spark plugs (to #9 NGK -- cooler -- iridium, in hopes of precluding fuel pre-detonation), engine oil and final (shaft) drive oils within a few days of obtaining ownership, if only to create a maintenance schedule. Because the bike is older and I want to 'baby' it a bit, I changed the engine oil/filter again (Mobil Delvac 15W-40) after c. 1,300 miles. My routine oil changes will come @ 1,000-1,500-mile intervals -- which may be overkill, but makes me feel better! I added a new, paper air filter yesterday.
Check the rubbers and plastics: e.g., gaskets, hoses, seals. Time/age is their enemy. Note, too, that belts are made of rubber, so timing is an issue. If the belts haven't been changed, change them. Buy a Clymer, Haynes, or Honda service manual, and doing it yourself becomes well within your competence.
If you have no throttle/acceleration issues, don't beg problems by fooling with the carburetors. The time for that will come soon enough. Conversely, if the darned thing runs, but doesn't seem just right, synching the carbs will almost certainly help (but require an $80-$125 investment for the proper equipment, unless you're handy and confident with 'shade-tree' mechanics). A full carb rebuild will cost you c. $500 commercially, or lots of DIY time and minute eye-balling. Still, if it needs it, it needs it. Can't hurt to run a can or two of Seafoam through the gas tank and fuel system first, though.
Otherwise, Terry's list is sound and advisable.
My hope and expectation is that very soon you'll be posting questions about where to ride after you've done all the local roads to death, and what you need to pack for a long-ish, over-the-road trip. The bike WILL do it, if you will.

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Re: New bike what should I check

Post by jdd » Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:43 am

Thanks Just got a Clymer manuel and bunch of fresh fluids to get me going. I just thumbed through the book and looks like a very good detailed book :D , I can't wait till I get my own garage so I can take advanage of the rainy days instead of the good riding days. Now its time to get the riding gear like rain suits and good riding jackets for the longer rides, Can't wait till I get one planed and executed but the hills in my area are good enough to get use to the bike and see how far I'll trust it, and looks very promising.

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Re: New bike what should I check

Post by WingAdmin » Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:11 am

Honestly, if you plan on doing any kind of real work on your bike, you should get the Honda service manual for your bike. It's not much more than the Haynes or Clymer manuals, and has far more information in it.

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Re: New bike what should I check

Post by guitarlos » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:43 pm

Change out the timing belts. If they break, your bike is junk. Its not that tough to do, actually, do it in conjunction with changing out the radiator fluids as well as the radiator hoses, while you are in that spot workin.

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