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Post by donnielama » Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:49 pm

I just bought a Tiregard it's a wireless tire pressure monitor system. It seen to work but I have some questions. In the setting one can set low and high pressure and the Tiregard will let you know when you hit them. It also monitors tire temperature. I fill my tires to 35psi on the front and 40pis on the back. My question(s) are how much pressure is to much? And how concerned should I be about tire temperature?

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Re: tiregard

Post by redial » Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:26 pm

Somewhere on the tyre wall, there will be the maximum pressure (when cold) for that tyre. Above that is "too much"!

I would have thought that you are a little low on your tyre pressure, as most run 40 front and 41 rear.

The temp is what it is! As long as you check the tyres when they are cold in the morning, they will alter as the day warms up. Also, as you ride, the tyres will warm up. (This is Boyle's law, I think.) All of the known temperatures have been input to your tyre manufacturer's calculations, so they know that if you took the pressure up to the maximum, and then heated it up to 50C, (warm day in Oz 8-) ), then the tyre should still function correctly. Similarly, if you cooled it down to Wisconsin, Michigan, or Alaskan temps, you would still be ok if you checked your tyres in the morning.

It is a mistake to bleed air out of your tyres once they are hot.
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