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Post by roadwanderer2 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:46 pm

NEW AND IMPROVED motorcycle windshield washer

Postby roadwanderer2 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:57 pm

ok people, im back. the neighbor's family wants some "alone time" to deal with their loss, so im here to the business at hand.

im sure you all know that inventors always try to improve on what they've built, and im no exception. I have made a "NEW AND IMPROVED" washer fluid storage bottle.....ok, here goes, first let me just say this bottle is actually a radiator overflow bottle I bought at the parts store. pic # 1 is the new bottle........ pic # 2 is the original pump attached to the bottom of the new bottle......... pic # 3 is the sealed top of the bottle hole......pic # 4 is the sealed bottom hole....... pic # 5 is the bottle mounted inside the left saddlebag.......... pic # 6 are the power wires zip tied to the frame...........pic # 7 are the pump wires and water hose going thru a small hole I drilled thru the saddlebag....pic # 8 is the washer hose also zip tied to the frame......... pic # 9 would have been the new "push button" pump activator mounted on the lower left side of the fairing, but I cant upload it because I already have 8 pics there you have it, my "NEW AND IMPROVED" windshield washer bottle and pump. this bottle holds 1 1/2 qt's of water which is enough to last for a while. I also now have my left fairing storage pocket back so I can put my smokes, sunglasses and what ever else I need to keep handy rather than have everything im my pockets.


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