Who has Kuryakyn Ergo III

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Who has Kuryakyn Ergo III

Post by dtrider » Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:06 pm

The previous owner of my bike installed Kury Ergo II Cruise Mounts. I find that I really don't like them because I just can't get them into a comfortable position because of the GW fairing. I'll admit though that the problem is probably because he was short and installed the longer arms, while I should probably have the mini-arms for my 34" inseam. I sat on a friends bike yesterday with the Mick-O-Pegs (MOPs) and I really liked that feel, but that's a lot of money right now. However I see that Kury also has available a kit to upgrade my Ergo II to Ergo III with adjustable arms that look like they work similar to the MOPs.

So does anybody have the Ergo III mounts? Any thoughts on them compared to the MOPs? Anybody have an upgrade kit gathering dust on the shelf that they want to sell?

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