Chitty chitty Bang bang

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Chitty chitty Bang bang

Post by littlebeaver » Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:12 pm

That's about what my 81 Interstate sounded like when I got it here some time ago, Oh boy it barely stayed running, it would die at every corner after coming to a stop... Oh my goodness...Let the learning process begin,,, I already knew a few things here and there so I wasn't completely in the dark,, But I never had to dismantle a pulse generator and work on the vacuum advance before, and I never had to pull out slow jets that where pressed in :shock: to me that was some scary stuff, but then again in the back of my mind it's not a $12k bike I'm working on here so I didn't sweat a thing.....Well the whole freaking ignition system was one problem, should have seen how filthy the system was after I took off the cover to the PG..Oh my...Between that and a bad wire (pinched) coming off the PG it's a wonder it even ran,,Oh then I learn of the 3 yellow wire connection Oh joy,, fix both, and got the carbs right, synced and set and all slow jets clean and clear.. Oh then the wires and caps were a problem.. :shock: changed out and fixed, then the fan switch, fixed again....Hey we have a good bike now, it runs great, the experience doing it all was priceless, removing swingarms and such..having to make special tools... such joy, I live for this kinda challenge...I look around and see other guys who are far more advanced than me doing cool stuff to theirs
, so I learn and watch and think... adding the Alt. Conversion was priceless,, never one time after did I have an issue with the charging system.....I have not had the chance to split the cases and operate yet....perhaps I will find a bike in bad shape that someone gave up on and build something neat out of it yet.... :D I'm bored... I wanta read your me get through this tough time I'm having,, don't just read this and move on... :lol:

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Re: Chitty chitty Bang bang

Post by Breakdancer » Sat Feb 21, 2015 7:32 pm

Here is a bike that someone gave up on. This should fix your boredom problem. I'm not sure if he has the complete bike yet. I was going to buy the windshield but opted to buy a new one. So I know he was going to part out what he could. He might not of sold anything yet..?? You might get a smokin' deal here. BTW, glad the 81 is back on line!!

Aloha.... (trying to think warm thoughts here) :D
This was also posted on this site in the For Sale/Wanted "The bike is in a million pieces. I doubt anyone wants to do all the work to put it back together."
Blue Skies...Scott ;

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