Lithium Ion batteries

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Lithium Ion batteries

Post by jsams » Sat May 02, 2015 9:08 pm

Has anyone tried the new Battery Tender Lithium Ion batteries yet?

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Re: Lithium Ion batteries

Post by WingAdmin » Mon May 04, 2015 12:52 pm

I don't think I've read of someone with a Wing try one yet...that said, they have some significant disadvantages that would likely prevent me from putting one in my bike. Yes they are light, but saving a few pounds in my Wing is not as important to me as it would be to, say, a crotch rocket owner who did some racing on weekends.

Li-Ion batteries can have difficulty putting out their rated current (or even enough current to turn over the engine) when they are cold. If the temperature is below around 60 degrees, you may have to switch the ignition on and wait for the current draw from the headlight to warm up the battery for a minute or two before it is warm enough that it will supply enough current to crank the engine.

They are also quite sensitive to charging voltages. I don't know if the battery has voltage protection circuitry built into it, but a charge at slightly higher than its maximum charge voltage can quickly destroy it - or worse. Lead acid chemistry batteries absorb such things with no problem.

You would also have to toss any chargers or battery tenders - you need special ones for Li-Ion batteries.

So if all that hassle is worth it to you to save a few pounds on your bike, and can justify the substantial difference in price...then go for it! :)

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Re: Lithium Ion batteries

Post by thrasherg » Mon May 04, 2015 3:34 pm

I have lithium ion batteries on my RG500 and 2 dirt bikes (both CRF450X's), they are all connected to battery tender Jr's and have been for several years, never had any issues. They seem to work just great. As admin states, I haven't tried them on my wing as the weight saving is irrelevant , but the cost of lithium ion is significant :D so only put them on dirt bikes with electric start where the weight saving should help and on my RG500 as the lead acids get cooked by the 2 rear exhausts, the lithium could be relocated underneath the engine where it is a lot cooler and the lack of weight might make a difference!!


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