NEW NEW NEW Wings-66 at Belgium

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NEW NEW NEW Wings-66 at Belgium

Post by winglady » Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:58 am

Howdy all, newbie here: Just introducing myself and short subject. :D
I'm Sarah, a woman with the heart and soul of a strong and genuine Wing Star since 1980, owns all of them (1980/1989 1100...1990/1996 GL GL GL 1200....1998/2010 1500).
Everyone may think here that we are a company, but nothing is further from the truth ...
Wings66 of Belgian bodem.maar we have a contact in Florida for transmission & delivery of parts.
We buy lots of new and used parts too, and are busy with their own light objects (pictures & info available from
:arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
But wings66 is the smallest thing in the world, we are only 6 x 4 size, where the walls are full of chrome acc and on the ground 3x GL1500, a gl 1200, and an engine gl 1200 + bench and working tools ... (that anyone can imitate me this again hi hi)
My intentions are, small, smallest to start .... and a few years after I got enough material and wings are then expand internationally and I try to measure, with great brands, but then gedkoper, because that anyone want to do ... obviously cheaper to obtain parts .....
Look at BIKERS BEST in holland ... also started in the garage and now ... wow nice case, nice site and veeery great masses goldwing parts and new and old
THAT is what I want and I stand by my idea 500%

And now I close a true Lady Wing

Coming Ride with Us and driving with your nose to the wind ... with your Wing

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