Petition Regarding E-15 Ethanol Fuel

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Petition Regarding E-15 Ethanol Fuel

Post by harvey01 » Mon Jul 06, 2015 7:39 pm

As most of you are aware there is a lot of movement in the US Congress to adopt and approve E-15 gas which simply means that you will have a choice at the pumps for E-10 gas that we now have or the E-15 which has 5% more ethanol. Most motorcycles and small engines are not made to run on this E-15 gas.

The American Motorcyclist Association has a petition that they are presenting to Congress to try to fight/prevent this change. It is hoped that you will go to the following site and also sign this petition: ... _NthM&lp=0

You will be asked for some personal info that is necessary for your signature to be accepted by Congress.

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