My Beautiful POS

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Hoosier Jack
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My Beautiful POS

Post by Hoosier Jack » Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:12 am

Yes it is very pretty. Maybe as nice as any 82 1100 you might see at this point in time. The local dealer has a naked one just like it and it pales in comparison. A little background. In the late 70s my little brother bought a Suzuki GS750. A few months later I bought a GS400. Obviously I lusted after his rocket ship. That never changed and I finally found a 78 750 about two years ago. Spent the winter restoring it and was finally ready to ride it. Here it is.

I even sold my pretty V-star. Thing is I hated riding it. Bad riding position. Too much vibration and underpowered. Then this guy comes along last summer and proposed trading it for the Gold Wing. It looked okay in his garage but had not ran for a couple of years. But previously having had an 83 figured it a good trade. I jumped at the opportunity.

It sat a lot last winter as I spend a lot of time working on an old truck and procrastinating on the bike. I broke a bolt on the head and had to replace that. Rebuild brakes, cleaned out the tank, cleaned out the carbs, etc.

Got it running last week and it sounds terrible. It ticks more than a Singer sewing machine, both sides, and there is a pretty bad knock down inside. And it hardly pulls itself. Most likely needs either another motor, or a rebuild. My go-to mechanic agrees. Carb work. Jeez. Now, do I want to sell it or put the time and effort into it. It is so pretty with very few flaws. Both mufflers have some small problems and the pin striping on the panniers are a bit faded. Otherwise it is beautiful. Maybe worth a grand at this point. Who knows?

Maybe someone wants a project or wants to sell a good motor?

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Rob H
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Re: My Beautiful POS

Post by Rob H » Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:30 am

It looks quite tidy. Tough choice you have to make though, I think we have all been there. It could spiral out of control with costs but there is the satisfaction thing when it's finished and you stand back and look at your achievement.

Good luck!

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