NAVI GPS Tricks and Hints needed

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NAVI GPS Tricks and Hints needed

Post by stan0614 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:02 am

New NAVI goldwing owner here. I have done about 4 Preplanned routes via the Honda Trip Planner, imported the routes to the Goldwing and did the routes. I thought I was an expert but turned out to be an idiot. This past Saturday was a disaster. Got routed to a dead end and several times gravel/unpaved roads.

I think I had several things happen.
1) I left the preplanned route, once I did that - it was all out the window and the garmin did things on it’s on.
2) The shortest route led me to dirt roads.
3) I am not sure I am deleting points correctly while enroute. I deleted some of the places that I wanted to bypass but seemed to want to go there anyway.
4) I think I used too few points on the web site and when the route was imported I did not have enough way points.

I ended up using the TOM TOM app on the iPhone and the route was perfect with setting the single destinations to Medium Winding roads.

What advice does anyone have regarding setting up a good winding route through the mountains? A trip that stays winding but avoids dirt roads. The only setting I see is fastest and shortest. Fastest seems to go on too many interstates.
And if a detour is made, what do I need to do to resume the route from where I am currently located?

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Re: NAVI GPS Tricks and Hints needed

Post by redial » Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:59 am

I haven't got a Navi, (but my wife would like me to work like a navvy!), but on my Garmin devices, I can select other things besides "fastest" and "shortest". It can do things like avoid tolls, and dirt roads, etc. Like I said, no Navi, but two other Garmin GPS and they seem to work ok.
Len in Kapunda

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