Another GL1100 out of retirement. Yay. Part 1.

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Another GL1100 out of retirement. Yay. Part 1.

Post by WingNutJC » Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:53 am

After 2+ years of frustration, carb problems, setbacks, carb problems, health problems, carb problems, starter motor problems, carb problems, starter motor problems, carb problems, rear suspension problems, carb problems, brake caliper problems, carb problems ... :lol: ... :lol: ... ... ... today, Gertrude took to the road :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And did she ever. :D but before I go into that, some history:

Gertie is a US import from Michigan to Australia in mid 2013. Yellow sticker on lh fork slider said she was approved for 2012 by the Michigan DoT.

As I opened pannier and topbox lids I found the spics and specs (=personal connection) to the lives of previous owners in another land, ie strips of '70's shag pile carpet lining the bottom of cases; a small screwdriver with hand-shaped wooden handle ("gosh dang Martha, ahh just know ahh left it on the washing machine so what have you gone and done with it...?"), the owner's manual, with names/addresses hand-written by two previous owners.

But for who-know's-why, my most enjoyable find was that of a completely dried/preserved chestnut leaf lodged behing the steering head (which I have in a jar ... no, not the steering head ... do-oooh). Will post pics of these in the near future (just moved house).

Maybe because I'm getting old and senile I'd like to discover what I can of Gertie's history. With any luck a forum member might recognise either the bike or a name from the owners manual ... (why that #*":!! grrr swindler still owes me $23.47!) ... harrr.

Part 2 to follow ...

Vetter handlebar fairing. Bates side panniers and top-box.

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