Its nice to have brakes

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Its nice to have brakes

Post by thrasherg » Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:33 am

It's amazing how we get used to mechanical issues without realizing it. For the last 4 months I have been riding my 1800 to work and home every day and failed to notice the brakes where getting worse and worse :oops: . 2 days ago I noticed the rear pedal could be pushed down as far as I wanted and it never applied the rear brakes!! :o Having realized this, I then noticed that the front brake lever was really spongy and not working as well as it should!! The bike has probably been like this for weeks, but I failed to notice :oops: . Last night I checked the rear brake reservoir and found it was completely empty and the rear brake pads are very tired!! I put new DOT4 fluid in and bled the brake system, plus ordered new pads. I then removed the front brake master cylinder and noticed the fluid level was low, but the fluid was a nasty dark brown color, so I flushed the entire system (A bit of a nuisance on this bike due to the linked front/rear brake system) and put in new DOT4 fluid!! :idea:

What a difference, my first day into the office and I am stopping 30 feet sooner than I want :lol: because the brakes actually work!! The lever is nice and firm (no mushyness) I can't believe they had become so bad without me noticing!! :roll: This weekend I am planning to give the girl an entire service to check nothing else is wrong and I am failing to notice it!! :idea: In a few days I will have gotten used to the good brakes and it will all seem normal, but for the minute, every time I touch the brakes I can't believe how quickly she stops!! :D

Just thought I would share to give you all a laugh!!


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Re: Its nice to have brakes

Post by Aussie81Interstate » Fri Oct 23, 2015 4:32 pm

Good catch,

And a timely reminder to do regular maintenance checks for your safety.

Bet you feel more comfortable on the ride to work now :)

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