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Post by hebert3007 » Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:26 am

What to by? Witch is the best? So many out thare

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Re: Gps

Post by harvey01 » Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:17 am

A gps is not something you have to have to travel wherever you want to go. Maps still work very well.

A GPS does make it easy to find a specific location or address. If you have the money to buy one then you sort of have to determine the features you rally want and get a unit that fits the bill. Do you need Bluetooth to transmit directions from the unit to your wireless headset, do you want XM/Sirus radio as part of the unit, how much detail do you need( do you need a unit to tell you to get into the left lane to make a left turn), what size screen, how do you plan to mount the unit, will you power the unit from the bike or with batteries, do you want a unit that can be easily moved to another bike or other vehicle, do you want a unit made specifically for a motorcycle or will anything do, and I am sure the list of options continues?

I have a Garmin Zumo 660 and like it, I have heard great things about the Garmin Zumo 590. Garmin makes several units specifically for motorcycles. TomTom does also and has some nice units. There are a lot of choices, but I still prefer old fashioned maps.
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Re: Gps

Post by hebert3007 » Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:55 am

Thank you,there is no short Answer would like to now what others are using . Is there more on this in the forum?

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Re: Gps

Post by WingAdmin » Tue Nov 03, 2015 12:12 pm

I have been using a non-motorcycle-specific, regular automotive type TomTom Go 720 on my bike for many years. It's been through torrential downpours, and despite not being waterproof, continues to work just great. I think it was around $100 when I got it from a seller on eBay.

I've also got a Glare Stomper GPS shield installed on it, which makes a huge difference in being able to see it in bright sunlight.

TomTom mounted with Glare Stomper
TomTom mounted with Glare Stomper

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Re: Gps

Post by CMReynolds1 » Tue Nov 03, 2015 4:24 pm

There are many great manufacturers in the marketplace. I use a Garmin Zumo 550 on the bike. Actually a little more than a bike needs. I use 3 other Garmin units in my autos. All a matter of preference and pricing.
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Re: Gps

Post by themainviking » Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:06 am

Garmin Zumo GPS units are made just for motorcycles. If you want the best with the most features, get one of these. The Zumo 590 is getting to a better price point if you shop around. That was, as far as I know, the latest design. As WingAdmin mentioned, a cheap TomTom serves the purpose, and has most functions that I use. If I had unlimited money, I might buy a Zumo 590, but as I also have a TomTom ElCheapo, I use it, in conjunction with the useless one that came installed in the bike.

Note: I do like Garmin GPS units in the larger sizes. I have a 7" display model that I use in my truck. It is designed for long haul trucking, and gives the option of not routing down roads that would be difficult for a large truck or tourist with vehicle and towed travel trailer. I find that very handy. Garmin makes "purposed" GPS units like this one and the Zumo, and they do have specific functions that only they have. I have had Magellan units, and I find they corrupt almost immediately after warranty runs out. Magellan made really good suitcase sized units back in the early 70's that were great for mobile army units, but I don't like their newer stuff at all.
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Re: Gps

Post by dtrider » Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:35 am

I've got a Garmin Zumo 550 with XM radio on my bike. It's an old one that Garmin has discontinued. As far as I can tell they don't make one that is XM compatible any more, so I'm hoping that this one will keep working for a long time.

One of the things that I like about the add-on GPS systems is that I can move it to my car when necessary. You might want to look for one that has an additional car mount that will allow you to do that.

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