What will you give for Christmas?

Anything goes - doesn't fit any other category!
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What will you give for Christmas?

Post by WingAdmin » Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:58 pm

Last year just about this time, I posted a message entitled What do you want for Christmas? In it I noticed that when searching for Goldwing-related items on Amazon, that just over four thousand items came up.

This year, doing the same search, almost EIGHT thousand items were found. That's a huge increase in Goldwing-related items in the past year, just on Amazon! I have an Amazon Prime membership which gets me free shipping on a large percentage of items from Amazon, and I make good use of that service. But 8,000 items...the vast majority of which I would never consider wasting my money on.

This year we are taking a slightly different approach to Christmas. My wife volunteers at the Ronald McDonald Family Room at a local hospital - this is similar to the Ronald McDonald House - a place for the parents and family of critically ill children to find respite and time away from the hospital environment while their child is receiving care in the hospital. It is a charity, and staffed by volunteers. Last Christmas day, they had nobody willing to volunteer - so it was going to be shut down for the day. This on a day when the families of these children need respite and solace more than any other.

So my wife decided to go in and volunteer for the day. She had many people thank her for giving up her Christmas in order to help these desperate, suffering families have just a slightly better Christmas than they might otherwise have. It really made her feel good.

My wife and I are blessed - we have a nice home, cars, motorcycles. We have steady employment, and are in good health. We're in a position where we can give to others less fortunate. Christmas today is commercialized beyond insanity - with people literally fighting one another to capture the best deal on the latest and greatest trinket during Black Friday to incessant advertising, attempting to extract the most money possible from you. In the meantime, some people in some parts of the world go without even a basic meal.

We decided to forego spending on each other, and instead find a worthy cause or charity. We've done our research - some charities use virtually all of the donations received for charitable work, while some charities use only a fraction of a cent for every dollar received on actual charitable work.

We're trying to promote the idea of giving - and not in terms of retail goods. If it's something you might consider, please think about it.

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Re: What will you give for Christmas?

Post by seelyark1 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:28 am

I think that this is an excellent idea! It has gotten to where I hate to go to any store at this time of the year for all the hype about buying this or that for Christmas. In my family, we will buy some small gifts for the small children, but will forego the big gifts for the oldsters , as we still have each other and that is the best gift ever. They are just building a house at my "local?" VA and I intend to give to that, Best to all during this holiday season, and for those that can still ride, like me, have a safe time with all the crazy drivers out there. :D
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Re: What will you give for Christmas?

Post by harvey01 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:20 am


I commend your wife for giving of her time and talent in this manner. I know she will enjoy the day!

It is so hard to find Charities today where over 90% of what is given goes to really help folks. Sometimes I think most of it is spent after you give the first dollar to then get that second dollar and so forth. The stuff they send in the mail is amazing.

But thank you to you and your wife for being willing to give to others. As wonderful as life is in this country, we do have folks in need and even folks that will go hungry on Christmas Day.
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Re: What will you give for Christmas?

Post by Mrs. WingAdmin » Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:58 am

A friend turned us on to a neat charity when we were talking about this, it's http://www.kiva.org. Actually it's not really charity because you're only *loaning* money to people and they pay you back over time. That way you could use the same money to help someone else then. It could be just a continuous loop of helping with the same money if you wanted. Or if course, you can just give and give and not worry about the money coming back.

It's full of a ton of worthy causes, from all over the world. It could be as a simple as helping lend enough money to a farmer to buy a cow and some seed. Then he is able to sell the milk and crops, feed his family, and then pay you back. It does a huge amount of good for individuals in 3rd world living conditions. There's also a lot of young adults trying to get tuition for university to become doctors, and other very needed but very highly educated professions. There's lots of good causes, the hardest part is picking who to help first. There's so much need! It can be easy to get overwhelmed and feel like what you can give will never make a difference, but it does. For these people, it can change their lives.

Anyway, my idea is that maybe we could all post our favorite charities! That way we can educate each other on what is out there, and which ones really have a good impact (without some CEO pulling in a huge salary off our donations.)

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Re: What will you give for Christmas?

Post by FM-USA » Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:46 pm

I'll have to start giving to my favorite charity, me.

OH come-on now, don't think like that, it was mostly a Fun-Pun.
But I do wish my med-problem would just go away.
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Re: What will you give for Christmas?

Post by Harp » Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:11 am

My 1st career was as a chef/food service for 20+ years. I like to take some time during the holidays and spent some time doing food prep and serving homeless or people in need in the Cleveland area. St. Malachi's does a great job and the May Dugan Center in Ohio City can always refer volunteers to a place where their skills can be put to use. I also like the Salvation Army.
I don't want gifts. My wife & I have everything we need. We are actually trying to scale down our lives and personal possessions,so it's time for us to give something back. I just like to check out the charity and make sure money & services go directly to people that need them. I also try to pick places that do work directly within the community. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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