Critters and bikes!

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Critters and bikes!

Post by gypsy traveler » Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:34 am

We've all had close calls, some worse than close...Here is my friend Daves story...Afew years ago he was traveling in Michigans Upper peninsula 1 bike-2 people-...he was on a back 2 lane rd and came upon an area with no shoulders on the road, and traffic was stopped in both directions. So you and Dave are wondering...WHATS GOING ON?... I t turns out a pair of BEAR cubs were climbing the embankment only a car away!...Now the fun part...MOMMA was behind the cubs about ol Dave says she was giving him the ol' stinkeye, of coarse his mind was racing and nowhere to go! He says the cager must have caught on to his situation, and shot forward! Dave followed suit! JUST so you know...Ol' Dave didn't get away scott free! His girl friend was pounding on his back and yelling----I WAS GOING TO TAKE THEIR PICTURE!!!! LMAO! Daves NOT a BSer, and you could see the shock oh his face! You would find the story genuine! And by the way...that's NOT the girl he made his bride! He was about 45 at the time...about 63 now!

.....YOUR TURN!.....

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