New to you Ride? .... "CHECK YOUR BELTS!!!"

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New to you Ride? .... "CHECK YOUR BELTS!!!"

Postby PedroTQ » Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:58 pm

G'day to Everyone,

on the 16-April-2016 I became a proud owner of a 1998 Valkyrie, I am now the third owner following 2 fastidious owners. She is in great condition, a couple of tiny blemishes which is acceptable for her age, she has just clicked over 43,000 kms.

I trust no-one, especially the dealers as I recon most routine servicing is performed by the grease monkey.

She runs rough, but all pipes are hot, so I guess it is the carbs ?

Off comes the timing belt cover and there is fine rubber dust build ups ................ Hmmmm! this does not look good?

on a little further investigation the right belt has way too much slack, so much in-fact that the flapping about has allowed the belt to rub against the ignition pick-up :o

Took some photos, then discovered that the bolt on the idler pulley on the slotted end was tight but the washer under the bolt head could be spun easily with my finger :shock: :shock:

I guess the wrong length bolt was used in this position and has bottomed out in the threaded hole, this left the tension roller only being held by one bolt on its pivot end. :x

I am glad I took her down rather than enjoying riding her as I guess it was only time for the belt to go completely or start jumping teeth (it was in synch, I checked).

Looking forward to returning home after 8 days on-site to continue the complete teardown and lubrication of everything that twists and turns and of course New Belts. :D

Best regards, Peter.
The day I picked her up.
The day I picked her up.
Rubber dust in the timing belt cover.
Rubber dust in the timing belt cover.
Belt at rest.
Belt at rest.
Slack taken out.
Slack taken out.
Wear on the belt.
Wear on the belt.
The offending bolt.
The offending bolt.

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Re: New to you Ride? .... "CHECK YOUR BELTS!!!"

Postby Maz » Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:24 am

Lucky escape!

Definitely a further warning to all to take time to check a "New to you" 'wing out PROPERLY before riding.

Good call.
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