Update to towing bike with car discussion

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Update to towing bike with car discussion

Post by hap2 » Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:54 am

FYI: car NO smoking or leaking on way home.

I wanted to tell people that instead of the tranny fluid smokin up a storm & even leaking a bit on the driveway upon arrival this is what happened on the way home.

Five minutes after I left for home with 800 lb bike on 500 lb trailer, I had to go up a big hill. Then it already started smoking a bit. I thot "Oh no", but after that it was good. I thot it was good bcuz I decided not to push it & keep it in 3rd as much as I could..which was lots. I averaged 50 mph, but I didn't care. That's what I decided..just to keep it maxed at 2100 rpm (usually 2000) & it ran great. Got the gate open & unloaded the bike, & all is good.

Re the no smoke..I thot the following is y:

-boat motor out of back seat

-less gas in tank of bike after a few rides

-took heavy hydraulic jack out of trunk & put on floor behind car's driver seat

-also did the above with heavy tool box

-also, kept rpms constant (2000 give or take 100)

Maybe I shud STILL get a tranny cooler put on that car tho.

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