Motor Trike Conversion on 94 GL1500A

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Motorcycle: 1994 GL1500A Aspencade with 2006 Motor Trike conversion.

Motor Trike Conversion on 94 GL1500A

Postby tcryder » Fri Aug 12, 2016 8:01 am

I recently had an experience with our Goldwing wouldn't start. I turned the Wing off walked into a store. I got my back on the Wing turned the key on and nothing at all. I figured it was a relay. But trying to get the relay box out of the frame with impossible with the Motor Trike kit. We had the Wing towed home. I cut the frame with Dremel tool in order to get relay box out of frame. The side covers still fit the same. The problem was the battery but now I will be able to change relays if needed.
Frame Motor Trike body trimmed
Frame Motor Trike body trimmed
See picture, I cut about 5/16 of body off. tcryder

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