Building the perfect wing

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Building the perfect wing

Post by Scooter363y » Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:02 pm

I have been riding for some time now , I have had my wing for a year know and have made the following observations. The wing is just about the most perfect touring motorcycle that I have owned. I have had Harley's,BMW's, and some from all of the Japanese brands. Here are some of my observations:

I like the basic motor concept 180 degree engines give a near perfect balance. With a low center of gravity. Cuts down on the cornering clearance but it's not a canyon carver. Yes I know about the wing and the tail of the dragon but there always exceptions to the rule. But 99.9% of wings are touring straight up. I like the fact that Honda went to the timing chain from the belt. Less maintenance is a good thing.

But I cannot understand the reasoning for the under bucket shim arrangements. Normally this is reserved for engines with a five digit redline. Not on a long distance touring machine with a 6,000 rpm redline. What a pain to make adjustments. I like the simplicity of my brothers gl1100 screw adjusters. Pop the cover off and 15 mins later and your done. What I really like is the automatic adjusters of the 1200 motor. I gotta ask Honda "why"

The brakes, I just don't get all the complexity that is needed with it, and abs is not standard on the base model what gives. Please do away with all the secondary master cylinder bs. The best system I ever used was on my vtx1800. Just a simple split system with a proportional calving. And Honda please use flexable stainless steel brake lines from the factory! It cannot be that much more.

Please use something better than the current "anti-dive". Most company's just restrict the hyd dampening when braking. This makes the front stiffer and less able to react to bumps and imperfections in the road at a time when we really need control. And adds unneeded complications. The best system I ever used was on my Electra glide. The front forks were linked with the crash bar to form a large air chamber. When the brakes were applied a solonoid cut the crash bar off making a much smaller air chamber effectively making a much stiffer rising rate suspension. This delt with the weight transfer of slowing down and still left the suspension supple enough to deal with road imperfections.

Not all of my observations are critical there are things I Like.
Thanks for the single sided swing arm. What an improvement thank you Honda
I like the remote shock and headlight adjustments
The cruise control is wonderful. I'm still learning to "relax and let it do the work for me" I sometimes forget and it and I fight for control.
The seating and luggage are near perfection as it gets.
I would like to see better headlights come standard. And Honda make the rear light between the turn signals a functioning brake light.

Any comments or additions are welcome.


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