Please allow Me

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Please allow Me

Post by Dave0080 » Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:48 pm

Name here is Dave new to this board nice to meet all of you
A brief qualification.
Motorcycle enthusiast since I could ride on 2 wheels

1st bike Honda QA50 I think it was a 70 or 71
2nd early 80s CR80 first year liquid cooled
Many dirt bikes after that. From XR 400 to CR 500 wish I kept all of them.
1st street bike 87 KLR 600 I was a dumb kid and changed the oil not knowing how and only drained the filter res. Blew the rings right quick.
Took it to a shop. Shop closed for good never saw bike again. Lesson learned. Never been back to a shop for any type of service since.
Many bikes since GPZ's Cb's etc.
Had children in 96 stuck to off road ran a pretty full NETRA Hare scramble schedule for 3 years. Was Secratery of Pilgrim Sands Trail riders for a couple of years. In 03 my wife and kids bought me a ST1300. For farthers day. My wife and I started long distance touring. Did a Honda Hoot in 04 rode from MA to TN. Had an emergency at home and rode 700 miles in one day to get back. Bristol to Bridgewater MA. Guess that iron butts us. Bought a Goldwing 2 days after we got back. 05 Aniversy edition. We took that all over. Owned a trucking company we had to close the doors in 06 had to sell wing. Bought an 85 Magna V 65 and pretty much restored it nut and bolt. And yes modern voltage reg. 2 years ago tried to get another gold wing but Honda said no way credit was still junk from business bank ruptcy. They did let me have a CTX Deluxe I tried my damnedest to make it a wing bigger screen third bag/back rest. But it just didn't cut it. Meanwhile we saved every penny to have a decent DP and tried again last week. I came home with a 16 gold wing in Matte silver and black. So glad to be back and let me tell you I test rode everything from Ultra classics to the new Road master and nothing comes close to the Wing. I will say Polaris did an awesome job with that big Indian I almost pulled the trigger. But some things I can't get passed like no cooling system on an engine I need to run 1000s of miles from home. And a history like the GL is hard to beat. I do feel a bit guilty for not going American especially now that the wing is not made here.
I've built a pretty good shop over the years and do all my own work. I even have a tire Machine any one who has raced off road knows it's worth. I manually synced the carbs on that Magna without a vac board just to pull my own chain a bit.
Best bikes I've ridden or owned. IMHO #1 Gold wing of course.
#2 That Magna when it was done amazed me way ahead of its time Scary Fassst!
#3 BMW K1200 the touring one. Not mine but took one to FLA for a friend. Nice bike.
#4 Only on it for a brief time but the Indian Road Master is probably as close as you'll get to a Red white and blue wing. Nice job Polaris. I just had to many dependability concerns. Pretty too.
OK enough sorry to go on.
Great site here

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Re: Please allow Me

Post by harvey01 » Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:06 pm

Welcome Dave, sounds like you do have some experience with motorcycles! And congratulations on your new GL1800!

Of course the GL1800 is quite an engineering feat and not that prone to breakdowns. Many of us have ridden over 100,000 miles with only oil, filter and other fluid changes!

The folks on this forum have a wealth of knowledge about Gold Wings starting with the GL1000s and working their way up to the GL1800s. Many folks here also can offer a lot of tips based on experience on touring whether you camp or do the motel thing. naturally each person can tell you what is best to see in their area and special roads to ride!

All you have to do is ask and someone will step up with a response!

Welcome and I hope you get many miles of smiles with your new GL1800!
Ride Safe and Ride Often

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Re: Please allow Me

Post by OldZX11Rider » Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:56 pm

Welcome Dave. I'm always glad to have a new member here that has motorcycle mechanicing knowledge. Keeps my bike running. :lol:
Congratulations on getting your new 'Wing. Enjoy. :D
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Re: Please allow Me

Post by brettchallenger » Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:08 am

Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will get lots out of it. Don't forget pics. I always enjoy seeing the part of the world in which people live and ride.
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Re: Please allow Me

Post by wing rider 2012 » Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:21 am

Welcome to the forum, there is nothing wrong in buying a Japanese Gold Wing, after all they were manufactured in the states for many years. There are a lot of great people here on this forum, again welcome from a member in Oregon.
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Re: Please allow Me

Post by redial » Sun Sep 11, 2016 9:10 pm

Sounds like you have had a bit of a bumpy ride to get here, but now that you are here, welcome, from the Deep, Deep South. Keep smiling.

Len in Kapunda

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