can anyone make us one of these please !!

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can anyone make us one of these please !!

Post by wingdings » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:36 am

can anyone make us one of these please !! its a replacement radio cover so you can rip out the old cassette and replace with a marine radio instead !! there was in guy selling them on ebay however hes gone now !! needs someone to pick up the torch who can do plastic mouldings could make a fortune too !!

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Re: can anyone make us one of these please !!

Post by FM-USA » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:07 pm

I made something similar but as I got 3/4 complete, I found it wasn't all that viable.
The H-Bars cables have to be set at 'X' height or they rub the radio. That limits what you can install.
The face plate angle is slightly difficult to see. Safety wise, you have to look downward. CAN cause a problem. :shock:

Another problem is weather. A weatherproof cover has to be installed.
That was the reason I quit, cover was to wide (ordered cover after the fact = WOOPS).

BUT that's not a bad thing, as radios and USB players get smaller they'll fit almost anywhere.
I currently have a Radio, MP3, USB, and TF player that's 4"W x 1'H x 1.5"D. Has AUX input on it's face plate.

Find someone who does Vac-Forming, or learn and make one. As I read and watch YouTube on the subject, it "SEEMS" easy.
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