Looks like Santa needs to Bring a Battery

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Looks like Santa needs to Bring a Battery

Post by Pam » Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:19 am

Last few times out I have noticed that the starter didn't didn't have the same zip when I hit the button, and the heated seat and grips are intermittent. Battery tender also seemed to taker a long time to get to full charge even after a good ride. Did a load test on the battery. It started at 12.5 volts and dropped to 8 during the load test, and never regained 12 volts until I hooked the tender back up. I guess come spring I will be battery shopping. Hopefully the intermittent comfort package is related to a poor battery

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Re: Looks like Santa needs to Bring a Battery

Post by CrystalPistol » Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:47 am

I believe a GL1800 of 2006 vintage uses a Odyssey PC545 ..... http://www.4wheelparts.com/Electrical/E ... n=ODYPC545

That's an excellent deal!

Both of mine use the Odyssey PC-680 ....
http://www.4wheelparts.com/Electrical/E ... n=ODYPC680

I put a new one in our '97 GL1500 Trike in August 2004. It has performed flawlessly. The nice thing about a Odyssey AGM is it's strong start amp capability and it's ability to absorb many deep cycles without harm You can't compare it strictly on CCA.

Past year I bought two more, one for the '85 GL1200 and another for the '97 Trike. I installed both early Spring 2016. When I got them I checked the manufacture date wondering how they sell them so cheap (as I paid $104 back in 2004 at a Batteries Plus outlet!) .... and both were less than a month from manufacture date and both were fully charged.

That 2004 battery is now my spare / extra / portable power / or temp top carry in a box on my '74 Triumph on the times I take it out instead of buying a small OEM size for it. I charged that 2004 battery with my battery charger that has AGM settings ... in Spring and just checked it a few days ago, still at 12.6 VDC sitting on the bench.

In August 2005 or 06 I was on a ride to the southern end of the BRP and it was raining off and on, I was leading maybe 8 - 10 bikes & trikes and one 4 wheeler shoes "rider" had a cast on his leg. As we pulled into Orchard Gap near 190 mm I noticed my new volt meter was down under 11 volts, UHH OHH! Checked a few things, we still had 70 miles to motel at Benge Gap. Alternator was out, it was raining. Asked a friend to lead the rest on to motel as the fellow with the car recharged my Odyssey with his car alt and cables. One other rider decided to stay with the car and myself.

Over next 70 miles with my lights on as it "was rainy and some foggy" and rode slower and used gears as much as possible toi slow staying off brake lights as best as I could. I was pulling a trailer as well. When my volt meter was down to 9-10 volts, I looked for a place to pull over and my buddy would pull up on my right and I'd hook cables with bike off as he ran his car and recharged my Odyssey. Seems we did this maybe half a dozen times at least, I was pulling some lights! The last time the volt meter got down I was a mile from the motel ... as I pulled into the motel I went to the top of the hill to our rooms and found everyone waiting ... volt meter was down to 8. something VDC and she died as I hit the stop button.

It was raining again. We unloaded and changed and chilled and went down hill to restaurant and to pay for my room. Next morning I borrowed a spare OEM alt from a buddy who keeps one in his trailer and while others went for coffee, swapped out my Compufire for his OEM in under 30 minutes. I figured I'd need a jump start ... but what the hey ... I stuck key in and hit start and set enrichment lever .... WOW .... the near dead Odyssey had arisen to the challenge .... the trike fired up. I let it run a few minutes while I went in the room and washed up, then shut off and road down to breakfast with the others. When I got home a few days later, took Compufire to local rebuilders and he slipped in a new rotor as mine had a open winding, likely a cold fracture he said ... and brushes .... was near $100 repair .... and all good since.

That is the same Odyssey that I removed in Spring 2016. NO way I would have gotten that service from a regular battery.

The PC 680 is a little bigger than a PC 545 .... bigger enough I doubt you can use it in a 1800 but worth a look as the PC680 is itself a little smaller than the lead acid battery it replaces in a GL1200 or 1500?
Technical DetailsPC 680 for 1984-2000 GL 1200s & 1500s
⦁ 520 PHCA
⦁ 170 CCA
⦁ 300 MCA
⦁ RC Min. 24
⦁ L-7.15 in.
⦁ W-3 in.
⦁ H-6.65 in.

Technical Details PC 545 for 2001-2008 GL1800s?
⦁ 460 PHCA
⦁ 150 CCA
⦁ RC Min. 18
⦁ L-7.0 in.
⦁ W-3.38 in.
⦁ H-5.17 in.

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