Such good service deserves recognition

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Such good service deserves recognition

Post by diverobin » Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:45 pm

I was in a bind, throttle cable snapped. Recovery brought me to Friendly Powersports, of 888 Old Spanish Trail, Slideal, LA 70458.
I am English, travelling through the states for a while, so have no local knowledge at all.
At first the staff said they couldn't help because my bike, a 1981 Goldwing, was too old and they didn't have the part anyway. Fair enough, they were following proceedure.
Then Mark Bould, the British GM came out. He said no worries, get the bike off the truck and we will sort it out. He and the (also British) ex Rolls Royce mechanic (who's name I sadly can't remember, sorry) then found an old stock Honda cable and proceeded to fit it, with a few modifications in short order, although it was not actually the right cable. Not an easy job on an old Goldwing!
Meanwhile they gave my girlfriend and I coffee and cake, very nice. In the end they wouldn't even take payment for such a great job. Amazing people and awesome service. This place is the sort of business that gives you back your faith in people. I cannot speak highly enough of Mark and his team at Friendly Powersports and totally recommend them to anyone for sales or service (they do great deals on new bikes).
Thanks to them we are able to carry on our trip with minimum fuss.

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Re: Such good service deserves recognition

Post by OldZX11Rider » Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:59 pm

Sounds like the kind of friendly place you might stop in just to say hi, because of their friendly, helpful reputation.
Maybe check out their stock of riding apparel or look at the new helmets, something that may not be available "back home".
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