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Post by bluewing05 » Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:08 pm

Do any of you have this awful disease . Has it stopped you from riding ? I have an appointment with a pain management doctor tomorrow .

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Post by actionpack » Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:10 pm

bluewing05 wrote:Do any of you have this awful disease . Has it stopped you from riding ? I have an appointment with a pain management doctor tomorrow .
they told me no , but i think there full of it , its hard to detect , from what i have read on webmd , i could have it and the uneducated doctors on this desease don't know , i suffer big time bro , lots of pills to keep me calm and feeling like being part of this world , good luck bluewing , hope there giving you some meds

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Diesel Dan
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Post by Diesel Dan » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:29 am

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Post by bluewing05 » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:05 am

Went to the doctor on Friday. He put me on steroids to supplement my other meds for now. I go back in a couple of weeks for more tests on the muscles. I do feel a little better now.
Fibromyalgia affects mostly females but males like myself can have it. There are a lot of unknowns about it. It usually is diagnosed by the process of elimination.
Thanks for the replies they are appreciated. :)

Mike Roach
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Post by Mike Roach » Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:49 pm

It was originally thought that I was suffering from fibromyalgia, but further research on my part has eliminated that one and I do believe that I am afflicted with peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I am suspicious that it is causing me to degrade the quality of my riding enjoyment. I've taken Lyrica and gabapenten and nothing is working. Since the FDA has taken darvocet off of the shelf, I am taking Ultram for pain and it is not working very well.

Good luck in your upcoming trials and keep us informed

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Post by GreenDragon » Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:13 pm

Not many men have this disease, in relation to the number of woman with it. I, fortunately do not have it, the arthritis is bad enough with out that. Best of luck in your search for relief. (try kicking up your estrogen level ;) )
Seriously, I know some that have had their hormone levels balance and that seemed to help, but I do not know if they were doing other treatments as well.
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Post by kuhlmanp75 » Thu May 26, 2011 2:22 pm

Sorry hear this, my wife suffers from it, has for at least 7 years, she finally found a medicine that helps, I think it is call sevilla? Don't know if that is the exact name. It has affected her riding with me, sometimes she says it just hurts to much to ride. Went to many drs before we found out that this is what it was, then it was the trial and error period trying to find a medicine, supplement, life style combination that would help. The meds help but she still has days. Good luck.

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Post by themainviking » Thu May 26, 2011 4:40 pm

Yep. Got it big time. The way it affects me is that when I get a pain, it don't go away till I either do something chemical about it, or get a good eight hour sleep, and any additional pain also stays with me and so on and so on. So, I make sure I have eight hours EVERY day to sleep. I even had to quit riding for the last five to eight years, or I should say, riding any distance at all. I doubt if I put on 600 kilometers a year for the last five years. So, last year, a friend bought a GL1800 and it helped him, so his brother, who also has the problem he has, bought one, and he also could ride more distance. Neither of them has fibro, but they are arthritic. Well, you got it. I made the jump, parked my Harley, and bought a GL1800 and since last October (remember there is winter here) I have put on 5600 kms, and counting. I am having the time of my life. If only it would stop raining. I do a 400 km day (250 miles for our metric challenged friends), and the next day I can do another one. The other day we did 600 kms (375 miles). Now I know this is a far cry from the 800 to 900 mile days I used to ride in my youth, but it is a great deal better than not riding. I took the pain management courses years ago when I blew out my back, and with the right amount of sleep, I seem to be okay, so I am very fortunate. I eat right, do not drink anymore, and do not smoke. I do not know if any of that has a thing to do with it, but I seem to be lucky enough to be able to manage it. Both my sister and one neice also have it, so I think it is genetic. As I understand it, fibromyalgia is simply a term that they apply to a multitude of painful ailments which do not have another terminology, which is why they do not have a definitive diagnostic technique.


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